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Postcard from Zella to Bob.
Roy Warner on right, Rome Dean on left, and the man in the middle is unknown.
Police, firemen, and spectators at the scene of a fire in Wilsonburg.
'This card was posted when Bernard was one day old.' 'Hello Bess: Here we are don't you think they keep me busy suppose you will be up soon to see your new nephew. Yours S.G.S.' 'Mrs. Bess Pigott, Frorthington, W. Va.' Viropa is outside of Shinston, W. Va.
Near Buckhannon, W. Va.
'A million dollar fire destroyed four acres of buildings of the General Storage Company and Mountain State Fabricating Company here yesterday. Intense heat and smoke prevented fireman from bringing the fire under control, a number of buildings were dynamited to keep the blaze from spreading. To the right is a Vets hospital which was in danger for a while. (AP WIREPHOTO) (WFS 60700STF-WFS)1952.'
Children hold little American Flags at Wolf Summit. Likely the dedication ceremony.
Band members play in a parade at Wolf Summit. Likely the dedication ceremony.
Likely the dedication ceremony.
People gather for an event at Wolf Summit. Likely the dedication ceremony for the Honor Roll.
1. I.M. Kelly, Major; 2. E.L. Stealy, Chief Police; 3. J. Howe, Lieut.; 4. P.H. Shields, Clerk; 5. R. Brooks; 6. W. Myers; 7. J.T. Boggess; 8. J. Sees; 9. H. Lewis; 10. J.L. Cunningham; 11. George Crawford; 12. A. Lyons; 13. Wade Huff.
Sign on front reads 'Base Ball Today.'
Wolf Summit is outside of Clarksburg.  Two individuals are identified as Emmett and Owen.
'Carpenter family from Salem 'Bud' is in picture. Near the twin houses outside of Salem, W. Va.'
'My first School.'
Teacher is Allie Ash. School is located outside of Salem, W. Va.
Student performers in togas and classical costumes. Taken on school property. Herscel D. Wade is the third person from the right.
Student performers in togas and classical costumes. Taken on school property.
Student performers in togas. One is wearing a horse or donkey head mask.  Taken on school property.
Student performers in togas and classical costumes. Taken on school property. Herscel D. Wade is in the foreground with black shawl over head.
Herscel D. Wade is on the far left in the back row.
People stand on the tracks in front of S. C. Watkins Warehouse to see the fire.
People stand on the tracks in front of S. C. Watkins Warehouse to see the fire.
People watch as firemen try to put out the fire at S. C. Watkins Warehouse.
Possibly at West Virginia University.
Hotel Frank burned down in 1908.
'Where 'Mother' was widow.'
Message: 'Dear Grandmother, we thought we would write and tell you how much we are wanting to see you. We are real good where we are well, won't cry any if you will come over. I 'Martha' have a tooth, and have had a gathered ear and mother is afraid the other one will gather too, for I cried nearly all last night. They are both asleep now 11 a.m. We send aunt Mary, uncle Walter alick and yourself a kiss. Goodbyes, the Froms' Too: 'Mrs. Sarah J. Furber, Mannington, W. Va.' Date: March 2, 1909'
Number 8 Fan House after the explosion.
to: Miss Mildred Daris, 158 Marietta Road, Janesville. Postmark: September 12, 1906.
The old packet boat 'as it looks to-day', on which the remains of 'Stonewall' Jackson were carried from Lynchburg to Lexington, W. Va. Postcard to: Miss Eva Thanks Nickell, Sinks Grove, W. Va.; From: Virgil; Date: September 11, 1907
Written on the back of post card: 'Fredericksburg, Va. Oct. 12th 1908. Dear Uncle Ben, I mashed my finger Saturday and its festered but Charles is all right and squall a whole lot I rode in the cart today up the hill about a dozen times. Love to all your little John.' To: Mr. B. R. Bradford, West Grafton, W. Va. Walnut Street.
'Mr. J. G. Copeman, Kingwood, W. Va.' Sent November 15 1910, 9:00 A.M.
'Clarksburg for Christ - Dr. Jno. Hamilton Tabernacle'
Post card to Mr. Joe Peach, Ithica, New York. Pictured left to right: 1. ? 2. Eueret Snyder 3. Gladwell 4. Mr. Craven 'Buck's father' 5. Harley 6. Gladwell 7. Joe Peach 8. Bosely. Back of card also says '1924-Building Tunnel, Sago, W. Va.'
The Tygart Valley River is on the left, Monongahela River is in the center, and the West Fork River is on the right. 'Around Fairmont 115 leave 215 for Connellsvile. Quite a pretty town altho hilly. Want to finish writing this eve or in am.' Postcard sent to Miss Ester Shirley, Shen Jct, W. Va. on December 14, 1909.
'Will not be home until Sat. Sept. 19. Edward.' Postcard sent to Mr. Russel Rice, Evans City, Pa. R.F.D. #35 Box 10 on September 11, 1908.
Fairmont W. Va. Mar. 15-23. I started to work here today. I am staying at Richards. My address is 314 Madison St. Daddy' Postcard sent to Ellen Belle Hickle, Fairchance, Pa. Box 207 on March 15, 1925.
Next to railroad.
Largest gas station in the world.
Picture shows Randolph and Wife with the 'Racket clerks.' Postcard sent to Mr. Geo. W. Albers, New Milton, W. Va. R. F. D. on June 19, 1913. Message: 'Your card to hand, Let the potatoes com first chance.'
L. F. Randolph with dog and three women in front of store.  One woman is holding a guitar.
Postcard message: 'I received your post cards some few days ago. That is certainly a nice court house, isn't it? I am attending the teacher's Normal School. They have an excellent school this year. From, B. M. R.' Sent to: Mr. F. M. Robey, Clarksburg, W. Va. on June 29 1908.
Postcard message: 'I received your post cards some time ago and will send you one. This is one of the hotels here and is situated on river front. Miss Rowley' Sent to: Mr. F. M. Robey, Clarksburg, W. Va.
'Deloris Hildreth, Miss Robey, 6th Grade'
Catherine used to live here.
Geo up on porch and B.J. on boat. Postcard sent to Miss Mayme Hemerly, Bowling Green, Ohio on April 11, 1907.
Man and woman sitting in the car.
Men and boys pull cattle across railroad tracks.
'Mr. Charles Archer, Athens, West Virginia.  This is a picture of the place where I am teaching. How are you enjoying school this year? With best wishes, Nellie Stinlz, Vivian, W. Va.'
'I received your card and letter all O.K. Was good to hear from you. I am wel and hope the same to you. If you can come over Saturday if it isn't too inconvenient to you. I will write you soon. Good bye, From Lala.' Sent to Mr. G. H. McGutchern, Mt. NEF, Nicholas County, W. Va. on May 7, 1915.'