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River terminus at Mt. Carbon with a few houses around.
Station of the Piney River and Paint Creek Railroad Co. at Beckley, Raleigh County, W. Va.
Freight and Passenger Train of the Piney River and Paint Creek Railroad Company.
Rows of Coke ovens with train in the middle of them.
View of Coke ovens and buildings surrounding them at the Collinsville Mine, Glen Jean.
The headquarters of the White Oak Coal Co. are located at MacDonald, Fayette County, W. Va. The maintaining of the General Offices near the mines affords opportunity for closer supervision and better co-operation between all departments. The machine and repair shops and warehouse for merchandise and mine supplies is located immediately adjacent to the office. A private branch telephone exchange with private leased lines reach each mine, giving 24 hour service. A printer telegraph instrument furnishes prompt telegraph service. Mail is received and forwarded at either Macdonald or Mount Hope post offices.<br />
Established by C.H. Sprague and Son Co., Tidewater Agents of the New River Company.
The Summerlee Store at the Summerlee Mine of the New River Company. The people sitting in front of the store from right to left; Harry Stamper, Lola Lewis, A.R. Long, Delia Alexander, A.J. Bishop.
Loaded railroad cars on the tracks at Skelton show the famous White Oak Smokeless Coal.
New River Siltix Mine next to road.
'All white oak mines work the same seam of coal, viz: Sewall. THe face of one of the working places or rooms is shown in this picture. The coal averages about 48 to 50 inches in thickness. This working place is now ready to be cut by the undercutting machine, so it can be shot down be the miner and loaded into cars for transportation to the tipple. The white line on the roof in this picture is the center line of the room set by the engineers to guide the men operating the mining machine in driving the room straight.'