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Man on horse drawn wagon outside of the Old Buick Garage on Water Street in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
Armory Engine House and John Brown's Fort seen in background. Army tents pitched in the foreground. Photograph was taken during the Civil War.
Several men stand on front porch of post office. Small horse and what appears to be a cow to the left of building.
People gather around to see procession of horses hauling oil equipment.
Several story brick school house in Littleton, West Virginia.
Homes in the town of Lorentz, West Virginia. Train going through town in bottom right corner.
Born February 23, 1809 - September 19, 1908. Luther Haymond served as Colonel of the 31st Virginia Confederate Army. Served with Stonewall Jackson during the war. Picture is from the Harrison County Historical Society.
Group of men pose for camera while man in the middle signs a document.
View from railroad tracks of homes on side of hill.
Group of people stand outside of railroad depot. Departure times for several trains on the wall behind men on the right.
Group of people stand on front porch of store.
Miner stands in gate speaking to children out front of home. Near Charleston, West Virginia.
Horse and buggies carry passengers to train headed to Moorefield, West Virginia.
On the campus of West Virginia University, Willey Street on the right merges with University Avenue in front of White Hall. (
A group of men in swimsuits and holding oars pose together for a group photo.
Keystone Bottling Company can be seen on the left, as well as a garage in the middle of the picture.
Old North West Turnpike 1838 completed from here to Parkersburg, West Virginia.
Group of people further down railroad tracks walk in the same direction. Two miners covered in dirt approach the young girl.
Several younger boys sit on steps leading up to the theatre.
Coal miners in Kanawha County demanded that operators raise their compensation rate to that of the surrounding area. The operators refused the demand, and therefore striking began on April 18, 1912 which lasted through July of 1913.
People gather outside of train carts that are off the tracks.
Bridges across the Potomac River leading to the town of Piedmont, West Virginia.
Massive building atop hill in distance.
Railroad bridge where Jones Raiders on April 30, 1863 dumped locomotive and cars into Simpson Creek, a tributary of the West Fork River. The raid led by General William E. Jones was intended to interrupt traffic on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and deplete Union supplies.
Meanwhile a man looks out from his window on the top floor of the hotel.
School building constructed in 1887.
Near Ridgeley, West Virginia.
Bakery to the right of the theater. Poster outside of the movie theater displays "The Firefly" starring Allan Jones and Warren William.
Carlton Restaurant on the left side of street.
Standing from left to right: D. Giffords, A. Kelley, L. Brumahe, C. LeRoy, and their teacher Mr. Bauld. Kneeling from left to right: V. Douglas, D. Skidmore, H. Michotte, and J. Sealise.
West Virginia's largest tourist camp and restaurant, 37 miles west of Grafton, West Virginia.