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Players listed by number: 1. Zinn, 2. McIlvain, 3. Raley, 4. Cross, 5. Cornelius, 6. Warren, 7. Pattison, 8. Gainer, 9. Winters, 10. Bail, 11. Burns, 12. Gainear, 13. Fitzwater, 14. Rothermel
Players listed by number: 1. McAleese, 2. Phillips, 3. Rudolph, 4. Cariss, 5. Roberts, 6. Cowan, 7. Carnes, 8. Fletcher, 9. Hilley, 10. Wilson, 11. McCloskey, 12. Gribben, 13. Miller, 14. Wallace, 15. Gibson, mascot.
Players listed by number: 1. Jackley, 2. Carmony, 3. Taylor, 4. Haymond, 5. Hunt, 6. Smink, 7. King, 8. Carlisle, 9. Parker, 10. Gates, 11. O'Malley, 12. Keller, 13. George, 14. Haught, 15. Elliott, 16. Daily
Players listed by number: 1. Morgan, 2. Calhoun, 3. Francis, 4. Gilligan, 5. Willis, 6. Makepiece, 7. Smink, 8. Yaedt, 9. Ike Francis, 10. Fraily, 11. Sweeney, 12. Straub, 13. Brown, 14. Silcox, 15. Cannon, 16. Dunn, 17. Hagan
Players listed by number: 1. James, 2. Andrews, 3. Jenkins, umpire, 4. Jenkins, 5. McIlvaine, 6. Cornelius, 7. Hazleton, 8. Jacobson, 9. Vice President Hartley, 10. King, 11. President Souders, 12. Ganier, 13. Sec. Schuster, 14. Ferguson, 15. Bouldin, 16. Bail
Players listed by number: 1. Walters, 2. Cromley, 3. Jenkins, 4. Carlisle, 5. Hunt, 6. Gates, 7. King, 8. Core, 9. President Haymond, 10. Parker, 11. Fisher, 12. Haught, 13. Keener, 14. Snodgrass, team manager, 15. Jackley
Sign on barn in background reads "Worthington Ranch Pure Jersey Cattle."
Used mainly after 1939 to the demise of the Union.
Window Glass cutting tool used from 1865 to 1939.
Hotel, Restauarant, and Butcher Supplies and Equipment.
"The makings of a mammoth traffic jam appear in this photo taken in the early 1950s in Clarksburg's West End. At left are Roger Robert's Esso service station, Kroger's supermarket, a Dairy Queen, and some apartment buildings. In the background is Pierpont Elementary School."
View of brick paved Charles Street with trolley car tracks running down the middle.
Began 1906 to 1928.
Main Street Pool Room to the right over bridge next to Chevrolet building. Standard Esso Dealer to the left next to De Soto Plymouth.
Sign atop bridge reads "1902 The Canton Bridge to Builders, Canton, OH."
Building built in 1909 by Prichard.
Building connected to the bank is a pool hall.
Train passes through in the bottom right hand corner.
Section of woods around homestead destroyed by a twister in Tunnelton, West Virginia.
Joseph Israel published the book, Chronicles of Border Warfare, in 1831. Photo was taken in early spring of 2013.
Woman in middle is holding up a sign that reads: "A bunch of dead ones."
Frank Abruzzino Shoes, Hats, Notions and General Merchandise Store as well as a Imported and Domestic Grocery Store are located in this building.
Observers watch as children race down dirt road atop of Shetland Ponies.
Produce and various grocery items behind the counters.
Part of the White Oak Fuel Company.
Sam Huff is an NFL Hall of Fame linebacker who played for the New York Giants and Washington Redskins. He was born in Farmington, West Virginia and played for the West Virginia University Mountaineers.
Gatrell and Parish Junk Dealers shop on the right, next to Drs. Nicholson and Carder Veterinary Surgeons, and The Herald Express building. Drug store straight down the street and bakery on the left of Water Street.
West Virginia's largest tourist camp and restaurant, 37 miles west of Grafton, West Virginia.
Standing from left to right: D. Giffords, A. Kelley, L. Brumahe, C. LeRoy, and their teacher Mr. Bauld. Kneeling from left to right: V. Douglas, D. Skidmore, H. Michotte, and J. Sealise.
Carlton Restaurant on the left side of street.
Bakery to the right of the theater. Poster outside of the movie theater displays "The Firefly" starring Allan Jones and Warren William.