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Cars line the street of the downtown area. On the right is Thompson Drug Co.
A crowd observes as the cornerstone for the new Calhoun County courthouse is lain. The new court house building is located by the Masonic Lodge.
Hardman, left, and Hathaway, right, pose together by the street. In the background is Thompson Drug Co.
Three unidentified women pose beside a car parked in front of Thompson Drug Company.
David B. Hathaway, center, poses with fellow Boy Scouts. On the left is the Jeffrey Hotel.
Third from right is W.T.W. Dye, M. D. To his front right is Sophia A. Dye. Other subjects unidentified.
View of the wreckage at the natural gas station. The explosion occurred on Thanksgiving Day that year. The station, originally proposed to be named "Boston-on-Kanawha," was, at the time, supposedly the world's largest carbon black factories.
Photograph shows the third floor fully engulfed in flames while the auditorium below has yet to catch fire.
A man sits on a chair in the lawn. In the background is a small pavilion. The stereograph is part of photographer William Dunnington's "Webster Springs Series."
Opened in 1955 when gas was 29 cents a gallon. The business was home-owned by A. G. "Ted" Burch.
Organized and issued a charter in 1935, stockholders were L. J. Morris, C. A. Jarvis and Earnest Mollohan.
The first bank established in Calhoun County opening its doors in 1901 to a cautious public being "reluctant to hand over their money for keeping to someone else".
Firemen attempt to control the fire at Nathan's Clothing Store from a boat.
Fire destroyed the businesses of Nathan's Clothing and C. C. Martin & Company at Third and Ann Streets.
Group of homes that were destroyed by the flood.
Flood levels nearly surpass the first floor of many buildings.
Men stand on what is left of the building.
Flooding around the post office in town.
Lone boatman goes past the flooded homes along Seventh St.
Boats travel down the center of town.
Picture taken from Prospect Hill.
Flood waters carried debris throughout the city as shown here.
River boat drives right up into the city.
People gather into boats to get around the flooded city.
Flood levels rise to nearly above the first floor.
Beechwood and Stell (possibly "Steel") Plant is barely visible after the flood.
People gather outside of a home flipped upside down after the flood.
People outside of their cars on the side of the road.
Three men clear the road so that their vehicle can pass.
Unidentified bare foot men walking through the mud after getting their vehicle stuck in it.
Pictured: Fred S. Hathaway, Hilah Smith, Gertrude Smith, Virginia Hathaway, Frederick Hathaway (wearing cap), and Otis Smith
Two men change a tire on a Model T Ford.
People watch as a man goes up in a hot air balloon.
Seated on the sled are: Charles Marshall, Hugh Ferrell, Dallas Stutler, Bill Hamilton, Orda Chenoweth, Ray Blizzard, Harry Smith, and "Budge" Marshall, driving.
Charlie Stump being pulled by one of his horses.
Pictured: Harry Smith, Arling Stutler, Walter Marshall, Bob hays, Earnest Stump, Dick Hays, Ira Hardman, and Roy Blizzard. The dogs are not identified.
Sunday school class at the First Baptist Church.
Young people stand on the edge of the Little Kanawha River.
Pictured: Sophie Dye: First row (standing), second from left.
500 students from the county were enrolled at the school before it was destroyed by fire in 1942.
Virginia Hathaway: Second row with saxophone. Frederick Hathaway: First row with baratone.
The school was opened in 1922 and totally destroyed by fire in 1942.
State champions in 1942. None of the members are identified.