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' 1. Elbert Wells (front row) 2. Otto Ladwig (by window).
'Group of people Harrison County at Fairmont. 1. Virgil Highland, 2. Page Fortney, 3. Lewis Dawson, 4. Ida Carpenter, 5. Mel Sperry, 7. Eden Corbin, 8. Icie Tetrick, 9. Mable Lee, 13. James Robinson, 14. Ernest Fortney, 22. O.W. Ladwig, 23. Blanche Hewes
'1. Otto Ladwig (teacher) 2. Ella May Miley, 3. Hattie Cummins, 4. Merta Stout, 5. Clarence Nutter, 6. Clarence Stout, 4. French Stout, 8. Berta Nutter, 9. Mollie Stout, and Veda Davis (Langfitt)
'Left front: Gertrude Hardway and possibly other teachers in Harrison or Randolph County.'
Margaret Hardway, teacher (far right, rear).
This was the second and third grade classes and Margaret Hardway( far right) was the teacher.
'Front row(from left) 6. Cornelia Ladwig, Back row : 2. Clifford Wolford.'
'This picture was taken at Aunt Kate Raines House, picnic, church yard, Evenwood, 140 attended.'  See original for names of the people.