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Three unidentified men are pictured together in a photo studio.
Children dressed as pilgrims and Native Americans are likely dressed for a Thanksgiving play.
Men, women, and children pose for a group photo outside of a pavilion that leads to a roller coaster.
A booth displays quilts, canned good, corn, produce, baked goods, sewn items, and woven baskets.
Construction managed by contractor T. A. Gillsepie is conducted across the river and along the river bank.
A crowd gathered in the center of the photograph eats, dines, and converses with associates.
Street view of the church building which is located between Washington and Waynesburg, Pennyslvania. The church was built in 1904.
Houses are scattered at the top of hill.
The marker, which is decorated with an American flag, reads, "About one half mile above this point is the 'Great Crossings' of the Youghiogheny River, where George Washington crossed November 18th, 1753, when sent as envoy by Gov. Dinwiddie of Virginia to the French Commandant at Fort Le Boeuf.Washington, on his military expedition to the Ohio, encamped there with his forces, May 18th to 24th, 1754, and from that point explored the Youghiogheny.There, also, Major General Braddock, with his army, crossed June 24th, 1755, on his march against Fort Duquesne."
Eight men are pictured on either side of the lawn. The photograph looks down a pathway lined by flowers and directly at a gazebo. The garden is likely part of the property at Linden Hall in Pennsylvania.
Tents are pitched across a field. A large American flag waves above banners that read, "Camp Wilson on the Cheat River" and "Grapeville Outing Club, Grapeville, Pa."
A group holding American flags gather together for a group photo in a field. Three men at the center of the image look to be priests or other members of the clergy.