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440 Interior.  October 1880.
A view of flooded South West from College Tower; 1288 Lot. 47-8; the photo taken at 12:15.
A view of town flooded taken from college tower at 12:40 p.m.
The photo was taken on Thursday at 3 p.m., sunny and hazy; 1365.Lot.56.
The photo taken at 1:30 p.m.; 1363.Lot.56.
The photo was taken on Friday, hazy; 1367.Lot.56.
The photo was taken at 4:30 p.m.; 1366.Lot.56.
The photo was taken at 5:30 p.m.; 1373.Lot.55.
The photo taken at 12:15 p.m.; 1390.Lot.55.
Gen. no. 75, neg. by D, No. 46.
Gen. no. 56, neg. by D, No. 32.
'73 W(28) B'
A photograph of a small town, possibly Harrisville, with a wooden fence in the foreground.
'2 D (2); July 3, 1884;' A group of people eating a meal at a campsite.
'Start at Home. 1 D(1); Thur. July 3, 1884' Presumably the first photograph taken by the Biscoes before they set out on their trip.
Gen. no. 8, neg. by D, No. 5. Noon on Friday.
'7.W.(3); July 4, 1884, Friday morning'
Gen. no. 5, neg. by D, No. 2. Date 1884, July 4. Friday Morning.
View of log building and fencing at the photographers camp spot. Gen. no. 4, neg. by D, No. 3. Date 1884, July 4. Friday Morning.
Gen. no. 9, neg. by W, No. 4. Saturday. Plate B.
Gen. no. 15, neg. by D, No. 9. Sunday.
Gen. no. 13, neg. by D, No. 8. Sunday morning.
Gen. no. 14, neg. by W, No. 6.
'18 D (11); Church and cemetery in middle distance; July 7, 1884. 6:15 pm, Monday.'
'17 W (7); Ford near Braker Stone; Monday, July 7, 1884.'
'22.D.(13); July 8, 1884, Tuesday 12 noon. very clear'
'19.D.(12); July 8, 1884, Tuesday 8am. Very clear. Same view as No. 18.'
'20.W.(8); July 8, 1884, Tuesday morning.'
'No. 23 W 10; Tuesday July 8, eve.'
A picture of farm workers in a field. 'Team of 10 men, 6 horses, and colt. 1/2 mile out of Troy, Gilmer County.; No. 27 D(15); July 9, Wed. 11:05 am, clear'
'(74)D.25; Big cove foot bridge looking under and up. Carriage bridge washed away 8 years before; July 9, 1884, Wednesday 10-15 am. very clear'
'26.W.(12); July 9, 1884, Wednesday 10 a.m.'
'30.W.(13); July 10, 1884, Thursday.'
'29.D(16); Thursday, July 10, 1884, 2 p.m.'
'31 D(17); July 10, 1884, Thurs., noon; West Fork of Monongahela'
'28.W.(12); July 10, 1884, Thursday.'
'29 D.52; July 11, 1884, Friday 6:45 am'
A picture of two men, a woman, and a child gathered around a tent for a meal. '32.D.(18); July 11, 1884, Friday 6:30 am, clear'
'(21) D 36; Friday, July 11, '84, 5:15 p.m.'
'No.(21) D 36; Friday, July 11, '84, 5:15 pm'
'37.W.(16); July 11, 1884, Friday; Plate B'
'34.D.(19); July 11, 1884, Friday 8am, sunshine; (Sky shade held too low)'
'33.W.(15); Back from our tent; July 11, 1884, Friday early morn.'
'39.W.(17); July 14, 1884, Monday 2 pm'
'22.D.38; July 14, 1884, Monday 2 pm.'
A picture of a farm with a fence lining a dirt road and a carriage in the foreground. '40.D.23; July 14, 1884, Monday 6:25 pm; sunshine.'
'No. 41 W(18); Mon. July 14, 7 pm'
'43 D(24); Pegram's line of entrenchments. View taken from hillside S. of road. July 15, 1884, Tue. 9:25 am'
'No. 47 D(26); Tuesday, July 15, 11:55 am'
No. 42 W. (19) Tuesday, July 15, 1884. The Battle of Rich Mountain, located in Randolph County was fought July 11, 1861.
46 W (21) Tuesday, July 15, 1884.
'45 W 20; Tue. July 15, 1884, 11:30.'
Gen. no. 44, neg. by D, No. 25. Date 1884, July 15. Tuesday, 11:30 A.M. B.M.CUS 121 Exp. 3.9
'51.W.23; Wed., July 16 after 6 P.M.' A landscape of a mountain range and a country road, with a carriage in the distance.
A picture of a valley from above, with a man in the foreground. 'No. 48 D.(27); Wed. July 16, 11:00 AM, cloudy'
49 W (22) Wednesday, July 16, 4:10 p.m., 1884.
During the first summer of the Civil War, Union troops established a strong defensive position on the summit of Cheat Mountain. The Confederate government sent Robert E. Lee to push them off. His attack failed. Cheat Mountain in Randolph County, is now part of West Virginia. Gen. no. 48, neg. by D, No. 27. Date 1884, July 16. Wednesday, 11 A.M. Cloudy.
A photograph of a river with a horse and carriage on the left. '54 D(30); Thur. July 17, 1884 8 am'
A picture of a field with a mountain in the backgound. '55 D(31); Thu. July 17, 1884 2-30 pm'
'53(W)2; Thursday, July 17, 1884 6:45 a.m.'
'57.D.(33); Allegheny Mt. in distance on summit of which we spent preceding night; July 18, 1884, Friday 4pm'
'61 D 35; Sat. July 19, 1884, 2:30 pm'
'62.D.(36); Same as 61 but taken with long focus. July 19, 1884, Saturday 3pm'
A photograph of a stream with a bridge in the background. '59 D(34); Sat. July 19, 1884, 9:45 am'
A photograph of a stream. 'W(26) 60; Sat. July 19, 1884, 9:45 am'
Gen. no. 63, neg. by D, No. 37. Date 1884, July 20. Sunday 4:15 P.M.
'65 D (39); Mon. July 21, 1884, 5:25 pm'
Gen. no. 64, neg. by D, No. 38. Date 1884, July 21. Monday 5:50 P.M.
Civil War Battle of Piedmont was fought in June 5, 1864. Union forces under David Hunter won the day. General "Grumble" Jones, commanding the Rebel troops, was killed. Gen. no. 69, neg. by D, No. 42. Date 1884, July 22. Tuesday, 12:40 P.M.
Battlefield from edge of wood on Confederate left looking Northeast. Gen. no. 66, neg. by D, No. 40. Date 1884, July 22. Tuesday, 11:10 A.M.
Confederate Middle Looking at Federal Right on Edge of Pike Gen. no. 68, neg. by D, No. 41. Date 1884, July 22. Tuesday, 11:40 P.M.
Gen. no. 70, neg. by D, No. 43. Date 1884, July 22. Tuesday, 3:30 P.M.
Gen. no. 67, neg. by W, No. 27. Date 1884, July 22. Tuesday 10:20 A.M.
A landscape photograph with a carriage on a road and two men sitting in a field. '71 D(44) I.C. 71; July 23, 1884, Wed. 8 am'
'A small stream emptying in the South Fork of the Shenandoah is crossed by the Luray Valley RR a branch of the B and O on a trestle which is 100 ft. high.  The length I have not obtained. The best idea of the height is obtained by trying to follow down from the track to timber on the further side, and noticing the narrowness of the structure. My camera was standing about 20 feet above the lowest ground crossed. A watchmen is obliged to cross the trestle after the passage of every train day and night to see that no sparks have fallen from the engine.  There is no plank for him to walk on...76.D(47); July 25, 1884, Friday 4:45 pm, raining.'
A photograph of a small town. '74 W.B.(29); July 25, 1884, Fri. 9:15 am'
'77.W.(30); 1/4 mile wide; (Water came nearly to bottom of wagon); July 26, 1884, Saturday 10:30 am; Plate B'
'78.W.(31.)B.; July 26, 1884, Saturday 4 pm'
Gen. no. 86, neg. by W, No. 34. Monday 3 P.M. Sheridan's right (from Gordon's position.)
Gen. no. 84, neg. by W, No. 33. Monday 12:30 P.M.
Gen. no. 82, neg. by W, No. 32. Monday 10 A.M. Ford in foreground deep. Dwight and two work men on bridge.
83 D (51).  July 28, 1884, Monday 2:30 p.m. cloudy.  About 2 miles south up the valley from Strasburg, Va.   The pike here climbs an embankment and then goes over the bridge and turns a right angle up the valley of Tumbling Run.   We turned off to the lower (East) side and eat our dinner under the big trees on the right.  A ghost of the carriage can be made out.  This view would have made a fine picture if the Neg had not fogged in the development.
View G.N.E. from rear of Gordon's position.  Strasburg in distance.  87 D (53) Monday July 28, 1884 5 p.m.
'88.D.(54); July 28, 1884, Monday 5.30 pm; Misty and very dark; The right of the picture is ground occupied by Sheridan. The left by Confed. army. The R.R. embankment can be detected running left to right just in front of the houses. The Mts. in the distance are those along which the flank movement of Gen. Crook was made, by which about 4 p.m. he came upon the left rear of the Confed. over beyond the R.R. On the left in mid-distance is the field occupied by Gordon which No's 85, 86 were taken.'
'89.D.(55); July 28, 1884 Monday 5:35 pm; Dark, misting; On extreme right is mill(?) at edge of Strasburg. The field of corn is on the flat land of the river a little way to the right. The valley pike was commanded for a mile by the Confed. battery of Wharton stationed right where the camera stands. Sheridan's army turned off the pike onto the higher land west; (left in the view). The valley of Tumbling Run is hidden by the trees of the foreground, likewise the stone house by the bridge.'
'Looking in almost the opposite direction of No 80. On the extreme left about 30 feet beyond the bridge stands the old flour mill. The door, like that of all the mills we saw is out in two in the middle so that the upper half can be opened while the lower is shut. Leaning on a stand the extortionate miller himself and his brother just at their left is where Walter placed his camera for No 78 pointing it toward the little building on the left (a sort of shop). On the right is the sawmill. Picture taken just as we were ready to harness. 81.D(50); July 28, Mon. 8 am'
Gen. no. 92, neg. by B, No. 57. Plate maker I.C., kind R.P. Lens maker Morrison, focal length 8 in. C, Stop 5 U.S. No. 121. Exposure time of 7.5. Date 1884, July 29.5.45 P.M. Weather, sun breaking through storm clouds. Place, about 2 miles down the valley from Strasburg. View, Looking back towards Strasburg and the battle field of Fisher's Hill, the region of which lies to the left of sharp peak. 'Interesting to me personally as the place where I broke the ground glass of my camera trying to get it over the tall rail fence, one slick which projects into the picture on the left.'
Gen. no. 91, neg. by W, No. 35. Tuesday 2:30 P.M. View over the bridge.
'The entire house is only a few yards from the great bridge and is on the right of the pike as one comes from Strasburg, up the valley. The road on the left becomes Tumbling Run and then crosses the opposite bank.; 90.D(56); July 29, 1884, Tuesday 2:15 pm'
Gen. no. 94, neg. by W, No. 36. Wednesday 8:45 A.M. Massamitten Mountains and Thoburn's Camp.
Gen. no. 98, neg. by W, No. 38.; Wednesday 11 A.M.; 19th Corp Campground from Crooks Camp.
'93 D(58); July 30, 1884, Wednesday 8:45 am. About a mile down the valley from Cupp's Hill; Looking about East...Shows the series of low hills occupied by the camps of Crook's army corp which is on the other or Eastern side of Cedar Creek, up behind which the Confederate columns marched in their surprise of the Union.'
A picture of a wooded landscape with a small girl standing on the right. '3 W (1); July 30, 1884'
'(60)D. 97; July 30, 1884, Wednesday 11 a.m. clear; On extreme left is Mr. Stickley's farm in whose barn we spent the night. Strasburg lies a little too far to the left to come into sight. No 93 was taken from that stretch of pike a few roads from the house. When we came to the end of that straight portion we fastened the team and climbed that little rise which is crowned with a fringe of trees (it stands right over our head) and from that took No's 95 and 96. This view looks up the rather open valley of Cedar Creek, whose left on NE bank  was occupied by the Union army. The fighting was mainly at the extreme right of this view and along down the pike for several miles. The mts. in the distance mark the western part of the Shenandoah Valley.'
'103.W.(41); July 30, 1884, Wednesday 5 pm.'
'102.W.(4); July 30, 1884, Wednesday 4 pm.'