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View of the Volkswagon dealership on Route 19 South of Clarksburg, W. Va.  Volkswagon bugs and vans visible on the lot.
Portrait of Tony Audia of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
View of Morgantown, West Virginia from the Westover side of the Suspension Bridge.
Burger Boy's Food-A-Rama restaurant where hamburgers were $.15, as it appeared at night. Sign was lit and in motion.
A couple standing outside the Metropolitan Theatre on High Street, Morgantown, W. Va.
BBF was a burger shop in Morgantown.  A Morgantown police officer is talking to a man in the crowd.
A crowd outside of Acropolis (Nick's) on Willey Street in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Christmas shoppers are shopping at the Book Exchange in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Sunnyside Superette convenience store located on University Avenue in Morgantown, W. Va. Shoppers waiting to check out with products.
Located in the Suncrest Shopping Plaza in Morgantown, W. Va. Sam George in white behind counter.
In American Legion Post No. 2 building.
'North High Street looking South'. Taken after dark and the street lights are illuminated. Lights from stores and cars shine as well.
BBF and other buildings on High Street, Morgantown, W. Va.
High Street North looking South at night in Morgantown, West Virginia; John Foster: 02/17/69.
Inscribed on the photogargph,'David Christopher, old graduate, left; one of the Catholic Campus Ministers on the right.'
A view of the Monongahela River looking north to Morgantown and Westover, West Virginia.
Passengers are standing in front of the Sabraton Streetcar which has derailed in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A view of the Mobay Chemical Company plant near New Martinsville and Moundsville.
Aerial view of Willow Island.
Three men fishing at Cooper's Rock trout pond.
View of campus walks, Elizabeth Moore Hall is straight ahead and Armstrong Hall is on the right.
West Virginia University baseball pitcher is pitching during a baseball game.
There is a stamp that says "Taylor Publishing Co. Job # 07206. Picture # 1. Page # 188. West Virginia University Morgantown, W. Va." on the back.
Close-up view of baseball bats. A baseball game is being played in the background.
Ron Williams is # 21 and Jim Lewis is # 33.
The crowd applauds as the team celebrates.  Carl Head is # 22.
There is a stamp that says "Taylor Publishing Co. Job # 07206. Picture # 2. Page # 202. West Virginia University Morgantown, W. Va." on the back.
West Virginia University Basketball player, Bob Benfield, number 25, in mid air, reaches for a rebound in a game against St. Johns.
Two fencers are participating in a competition.
'John Foster Fencing Club.'
West Virginia University Basketball Trainer Whitey Gwynne is handing out towels to players sitting on the bench. 'Taylor Publishing Company, Job Number 07206, Picture Number 2, page 209.'
Portrait of John Lesher, member of the West Virginia University Basketball Team. 'Taylor Publishing Company, Job Number 07206, Picture Number 1, Page Number 223. Copyright 1963 by Laughead Photographers, Dallas, Texas. Reproduction permitted by all processes except photography.'
Row one- Bill Ryczaj, Ricky Ray, Bill Maphis, Marty Lentz, Bob Camp, Buddy Quertinmont, Rudy Zatezalo, Perry Polinsky, Bob Benfield.  Row two- Asst. Coaches Bob Lochmueller and Quentin Barnette, Equipment Mgr. Carl Roberts, Dave Palmer, Jerry Meadows, John Lesher, John Cavacini, Gary Shaffer, Mgr. Lance Kauf, Trainer Whitey Gwynne, Coach George King.
Kneeling- Norman Holmes, Dave Palmer, Ed Harvard, Gary Shaffer, Lewis Hale.  Sitting- Mike Caryl (manager), Carl Roberts (equipment custodian), Dick Penrod, Perry Polinsky, John Lesher, Bob Benfield, George Krajack (assistant coach), Whitey Gwynne (trainer).  Standing- Bucky Waters (coach), John Cavacini, Ron Williams, Dave Reaser, Bill Ryczaj, Carl Head, Jim Lewis, Letcher Humphries, Sonny Moran (assistant coach).
Kneeling left to right- Dave Cicci, Ike Harris, Larry Pugh.  Sitting left to right- Larry Harris, Gary Reichembecher, Mike Carson, Larry Campbell.  Standing left to right- Greg Zimm, _, Rick Davis, Levi Phillips, Harold Black, Joe Chrzaszcz, Buo Henderson, Coach Chuck Wimsor.
Players in the photo include Carrey Bailey, 52, Jim Lewis, 33, and Greg Ludwig.
Cole (Captain), Strickler, Hart, Gronninger, MacCormick, Taylor, Cathers, Purinton, Taylor.
For full identification see p. 182 '09 Monticola
Line up: Manager, J. B. Wyatt; Captain, P. B. Naylor; J. H. Riddle; J. M. Burns; H. H. Baumgartner; F. M. Bailey; and Quintero. Dells: 'Rah! Rah! Ru! W. V. U. Sis boom bah! Tiger!!!' 'Che he! Che ha! Che ha, ha, ha! West Virginia! Rah! Rah! Rah!' Chew terbacher! Chew terbacher! Chaw, Chaw, Chaw! Eat terbacher, eat terbacher! Rah, Rah, Rah! Drink a large, Drink a large, Drink a large beer. West Virginia Varsity! We're all here!'
John T. Morgan, manager; Point, forward; Estill, forward; Gould, guard; Eckman, guard; Vandale, center; and Billingslea, substitute.
'The baseball team of the West Virginia University of 1900 was the best nine that has has ever represented this institution. W.V.U. claims the college championship of Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. The team lost but two games to college teams, and one to professionals. It was composed of the following men: Peck-Catcher, Bowman-Pitcher, Miller-First Base, Crossland-Second Base, McWhorter-Third Base, Deming-Short Stop and Left Field, Prints-Center Field, Hodges-Right Field, Yeager, Brown, Neale, McGregor-Substitutes.'
Portrait of John 'Lefty' Radosevich, pitcher of the West Virginia University Baseball Team.
Portrait of West Virginia University Basketball Coach, Bucky Waters.
West Virginia University Basketball Coach Bucky Waters is signaling plays to his players, while Assistant Coach Sonny Moran, an unidentified coach, and Whitey Gwynne, the trainer looks on from the bench.
One of the first African American players to play for WVU.
"Taylor Publishing Co. Job # 07206. Picture # 1. Page # 200. West Virginia University. Morgantown, W. Va."
'Taylor Publishing Company job number 07206, picture number 2, page number 213.'
First row, left to right- Jerry Milliken, Phil Douglas, captain Dale Ramsburg, Ron Renner, Jeff O'Neil, Grant Mullen.  Second row- Chester Wright, Chuck Kinder, Mike Dyer, Bob Munchin, Bill Marovic, Vaughn Kovach, Joe DeFazio, Larry Sindelar.  Third row-  Coach Steve Harrick, John Nieman, John Radosevich, Don Hetzel, Charles Wallace, John Ellis, Steve Berzansky, Manager John Satterfield.
First row left to right- Denny Taylor, Bob Reed, Tom Tomechko, Buck Guth, Mike Moschel, Jim Clay, Bob Beahm, George Begalla, Fred Smith, Sam Ellis.  Second Row-  Assistant coach Ted Seminik, Bruce Chapnick, Dave Phillips, Dave Ferguson, Rick Wagener, Bruce McCutcheon, Larry Seafert, John Knoll, Don Shearer, Dick Whitman, Jack Simpson, Skip Hines, Head Coach Dale Ramsburg, Trainer A. C. "Whitey" Gwynne.
Team portrait was taken on a diamond near the residents towers on the Evansdale campus.