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Dr. Toothman, WVU graduate is a Coeburn's new doctor.
'Everyone pitched in to get Coeburn's new medical center ready for dedication ceremonies scheduled for Sunday (July 31).  All grading and landscape work was done by enthusiastic volunteers.'
Coeburn is nestled in a valley of the Appalachian Mountains, in the southwestern tip of Virginia.  It is on the famous "Trail of the Lonesome Pine."
An unidentified male sits in front of architectural drawings.
Two men attending youth leadership camp.
Group of men at patio table.
Four men in a room; the center man is identified as John R. McKenzie.
A man in a uniform leans against a 1920 Ford while a woman on horseback poses among several other antique automobiles. Both subjects are not identified.
Man in center, in uniform, is Pat Ryan the scoutmaster of Troop 50, Spruce Street Methodist Church, Morgantown.
From left to right: W. O. Fullmer; Capt. Messenger of Morgantown; Gen. Williams of Charleston.
David Jacobs (first on the right); Donovan Randolph (center)
John Corcoran is in the center.
An unidentified group, composed of Mr. Quigley (far right), Mrs. Conn (second from right), Mr. Neilson (fourth from right) and Mr. Sherry (second from left) among others engaged in a meeting.
A photograph of Senator Randolph (center, back row) standing outside a building with Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman (second from right) and J. W. Ruby (owner of Sterling Faucet) among others.
A photograph of Tom Jackson of the County Court (seated, center), surrounded by Robert Nestor (seated, right) and (standing, left to right): Mrs. Jean Emch, Robin Core, and Harold "Chip" Bennett among others.
A photograph of a board meeting.  Among those pictured are Samuel Hayden (far right) and Lloyd C. Neilson (fourth from right).
A photograph of the Board of Directors, including E. E. Hamstead (second from right) and Jim Rich (fourth from right).
'Col. W. N. Harris, Dir. D/M&TE, presents a letter of Commendation to 2/Lt. David L. Cain, CE Div., for instructor of the month of March 1966.; Publication of this photograph is not authorized unless by a public information office as so noted here - on its use for commercial advertisement must be approved by the Public Information Office of the Chief of Information Department of the Army, The Pentagon Washington 25, D. C. If published please credit as U.S. Army photograph.'
A photograph of Jack Jackson (second from left), Foster G. Mullinax (far right) and two other unidentified individuals in front of an arts and crafts display.
'Martha Lee Poland, 543 Meriden Avenue, Morgantown, West Virginia chats with Sinclair Refining Company president C. G. Drescher during a visit by 4-H Club members to the oil company's headquarters in New York. Miss Poland was part of a team of outstanding 4-H members taking part in the organization's "Report to the Nation" project, during which the young people visited business organizations supporting club activities to report on current projects. Mr. Drescher presented Miss Poland with a company book about the dinosaur, the Sinclair trademark.'
A photograph of Mr. Courtney (third from the left) being presented with a plaque. John Riley is seated on the far left.
A photograph of Alan Schaeffer (left) of Nitro, W. Va. and Mike Toothman (right) of Morgantown, W. Va. at the National Youth Science Camp.
A photograph of A. James Manchin (second from left) holding shovels with others inside an office.
A photograph of Richard Dasher (right) sitting with an unidentified man.
A photograph of Senator Jennings Randolph (standing) behind Harley Staggers (left), Sargent Shriver (second from left), Paul Miller (second from right) and Don Bond (right).
A photograph of a gathering of West Virginia politicians. Herman Walker (far table, right), Governor Hulett C. Smith (far table, third from right), Dyke Raese (far table, third from left), Jennings Randolph (far table, second from left), Paul Miller (far table, left), Howard Smyth (foreground, second from left), Elmer Prince (foreground, third from left).
Martha Lee Poland in middle.
Harley O. Staggers, U.S. Congressman, W. Va.
Wearing Stewardess uniform for Braniff Airlines.
'Mr. Michael McCormick, who has been named new Advertising Manager for Fostoria Glassware. Mr. McCormick lives at 144 E. Cove Avenue, Wheeling, W. Va.'
A photograph of James Kent casting his ballot in an election.
Gov. Smith (center) with a group of men standing around a conference table.
Senator Robert C. Byrd (W. Va.) with Senator Mike Mansfield (Montana) at left.
From left to right: Sen. Jennings Randolph, Greg Garrett, Joe Smith, and Sen. Byrd.
'Mr. Cooper P. Benedict, Oak Lea, Lewisburg.'
A bird's eye view of general registration at the Field House.
Four young men sitting outside on a bench studying in front of the Agriculture Building.
Dan Blosser, Anne Teague, Bill Arnett.
Dean Chester Arents standing at Left.
Seated, second from left, Clark Sleeth, rest unknown; Standing left to right, unknown, Eugene Staples, Albert Gilbert, and Leroy Miller.
Left to right, Frank Noonan, Instructor and Director of Air Pollution Engineering Laboratory; Benjamin Linsky, Professor of Sanitary Engineering (air pollution) and Director of Graduate Air Pollution Control Engineering Training Program; Wallace Clifton, graduate student in Air Pollution and Control Engineering; Howard Nadal, graduate student in Air Pollution and Control Engineering, on leave from Nassau County, Long Island, New York, Health Department. Photo taken at the College of Engineering.
Dr. Munn is standing next to an unidentifed African-American man.
Two men with a portrait.
Professor and students after graduation ceremony.
'A circular section of the Raleigh County test highway in being removed to be investigated for its durability. The sample resembles the disk which is made in the WVU laboratory.'
'WVU Researcher Byron Ruth tabulates data from samples taken from various roads throughout the state.  Checking the compaction of each disk, Ruth receives samples from test roads in Wetzel, Monongalia, Berkeley, and Raleigh counties.'