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Pictured are Ed Dyke, Shan Rose, Ed Rose and W. J. Taylor. The men caught 38 black bass. Dyke and the two Roses are from Hinton, West Virginia and Taylor is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Inscribed on the back: "from Miller Murrel to Stephen Trail 2009."
One of the earliest baseball teams known to Hinton.Starting in the back row, from left to right, is Edgar Noel, "Bootie" Brown, C. Templeton, Bob Hoover, Owen Miller, Ernest Bond, Ott Morton, Charlie Kline, Frank Sweeny, Forest Bradenberg, and Irvin Maxwell.
Five unidentified man stand by the edge of the cliff.
Subjets numbered: 1. Miller Murrell; 2. Jim Brown; 3. Becky Turner; 4. Mary Margaret Kesler; 5. Bill Brown, Jr.; 6. Barbara Murrell; 7. Margaret Kesler; 8. Mrs. Percy Brown; 9. Mrs. Margaret Turner; 10. Jim Brown; 11. Martha Jane Alderson; 12. Lillian Alderson; 13. Edith Cundiff; 14. Mary Grimmett; 15. Mary Alice Phillips; 16. Mary E. Spencer; 17. Elizabeth Hanifan; 18. Wm. Meador; 19. Paul Phillips; 20. John Holstein; 21. Bill Kesler; 22. Rory Walker
1st row, L to R: Dough Richmond, Dickie Wiseman, Johnny "Stooge" Stewart, "Rowhandle" Keaton, David Hess, Emerson Carden, Jimmy Kerr, and Jimmy Harvery. 2nd row, L to R: Dwight Shirey, Randy Scott, Bobby Ratliff, Bobby Webb, Paul Phipps, Glen McCormick, Bill Humphreys, "Hammy" Brown, "Chubby" Willey, and Coach "Buck" Porterfield.
Front row, L to R: Toots Rogers, Benny Hess, Charlie Lane, Willey Aihstock, and unidentified. Back row, L to R: Buff Collins, Footy Stover, John Fisher, Windy Waid, Josh Fox, and unidentified.