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The faculty in the back row, left to right, are named as the following:  John Harvey, Professor of Modern Language; R. C. Berkeley, Professor of Language; James Wilson, Professor of Math and Military; P. B. Reynolds, Professor of English; A. R. Whitehill, Professor of Chemistry; I. C. White, Professor of Geology; and W. P. Willey, Professor of Law.  The faculty in the front row, listed left to right, are named as the following:  St. George Tucker Brooke; D. B. Purinton, Professor of Metaphysics; Pres. E. M. Turner, Professor of Rhetoric; Okey Johnson, Professor of Law; A. Lorentz; and T. S. Stewart, Professor of Mathematics.  The subjects in the photograph were identified by Mr. Bayles and Dr. Callahan.
Dr. Hartigan, the instructor, is in the front row, second from the left; and Wayne Willey is in the front row, on the extreme right.  The other students are not identified.
A portrait of A.D. Hopkins seated and leaning against a table.
A seated portrait of Andrew D. Hopkins.
A collection of portraits of A. D. Hopkins, entomologist.
Waitman Barbe first row, center.
Written on the back of the photograph, 'to Fortune and to Fame unknown: Fair Science frowned not on his humble birth, And Melancholy marked him for her own...He gained from Heaven (twas all he wished)a friend.'
'Faculty 1897 Romine, Konrad, White, James W. Hartigan (bio & athletics), R. H. Douthat (ancient lang.) wife & child, Mrs. Wood, Bernhardt & Bennett.'
Dr. Callahan seated at his desk.
Print number 393a.
Print number 393a1.
"At work in Hort. 6." Students working in "Horticulture Lab, Professor E. J. Angelo's Class."
C.R. Orton, back row, third on left.
Susan M. Moore (dark dress), Grace Martin Snee (light dress).
Print number 387. From left to right: Smith, Bierman, and Glenn.
'Kanawha Farm.'
'Davis, Hayes, Stabb, White, Cather, Koehler, Brown, Hall, Lawson, Keister, Boomsliter, Jones, Forman, McElroy, Simons, Speiden, Grumbein, White, Downs, Grow, Cantelo, Seibert, Thompson, Nelson, Hassett.'
'According to our records, Margaret Buchanan (1906) attended the preparatory school of West Virginia University, attended the university 1902-1906, and received an A.B. from West Virginia in 1906. She taught Mathematics and Greek from 1907 (or 1908?) until 1912 in the preparatory school and University. She was an instructor at West Virginia 1915-1918, and returned after obtaining her Ph.D. in 1922 from Bryn Mawr College, to West Virginia as assistant professor 1922-1925 and associate professor 1925-1929. She resigned to marry H. O. Cole on 1929/02/14. She returned to the university, presumably as Margaret Buchanan Cole, as an instructor 1938-1941, assistant professor 1941-1952, and associate professor 1952-1955. She retired in 1955 and died on 1959/09/10. We understand she was also, in 1939, the first woman president of the university's alumni association.'
'First row, fifth from right, Chas Neff, University Vice-President; First row seventh from right, Robert Pritchard, Weston Democrat; Third row seventh from right, Edwin Jones. E.E. Department; Third row eleventh from right, Cecil Highland, Clarksburg Publishing Company; Front row ninth from right, P.J. Reed, Dean of WVU Journalism School.  Identified by Leonard Davis, School of Speech Communications, 11/1995.'
Professor and Head of Poultry Husbandry.
Harry Ross Varney writing at his desk.
Dean Varney speaking at a podium.
A group of individuals in a room with a display of books.  Some are seated and some are standing and engaged in a conversation.  Standing, third from left, Clifford Brown.  Seated, left to right, Grace Scott, Eston K. Feaster, rest unknown.
From the New Dominion, February 16, 1956. Shown, Left to right, Dr. Charles Novman, Dr. Gordon R. McKinney. Members of the University Faculty.
'Mapping a tour through Europe.'