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Group portrait of boys.  Boy in back row on right is holding a football.
Front view of the second Mechanical Hall building, located across the Chemistry Research Laboratory.
'The old Summers Home at Marquess, Preston County, West Virginia. 'Brother and sister, William Caleb Summers, back, Sarah E. Summers, Bower Fannie Summers, Maud Bower, Ira Summers, and William Bower.'
A view of Morgantown, West Virginia in 1902, population 7,000.
Group portrait of female members of a Mandolin and Guitar Club with their instruments.
'In 1902, Huntington's Style Emporium, R. A. Jack Store, 3rd Aveune, north side, between 9th and 10th street. W. H. Newcomb at extreme right, John W. Valentine at left of doorway.'
Basketball Team of West Virginia Conference Seminary, Buckhannon, W. Va.  The school was founded in 1890 by the Methodist church, and assumed its current name of West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1906.
Cows are eating hay in front of George R. Sperow's barn in 'Fletcher' Martinsburg, West Virginia.
Three ladies and a man are standing in front of Tom Watkins' home in Marquess, Preston County, West Virginia.
Pardee and Curtin Logging Company
Right- Luther Wiles of Ruthbelle, W. Va. Left- Charey Lants of Aura, W. Va. (holding flank, back row),  _, Charles Homes, Shilo Dumire of Elkins, W. Va., Oliver England (setting down), Joseph Summers (sitting down), Ely Wilfong, _ Helmick, Charles Poling of Elkins, W. Va., Elmer Dumire, French Renick and daughter of Parson, W. Va., Isac Wilfong of Montrose W. Va., Dave Wilhelem (boy sitting down).
Shay locomotive and fully loaded log cars on a bridge over the Cherry River in Nicholas County, W. Va.
'Now M. P. Church.'
Exterior view of the West Virginia University Library during construction, cost of the building $105,000. The Library was once housed in the building which is currently Stewart Hall.
Portrait of Freida Aegerter Stadler at age 18.
Pendleton High School, 1902.  Teacher was R. A. Moore.
Portrait of African-American student Mary V. Wills-Livingstone.
'R. Chafey, owner. Pete Chanel was the engineer on this log train'.
Armory Building and Mechanical Hall bordered the old athletic field.
'Little Vera Ely who died at 3-years-old. Mrs. W. E. Ely 600 Julian St. Parkersburg'