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View looking at the city of Hinton.
A view of station farm and an adjacent building.
'R. Chafey, owner. Pete Chanel was the engineer on this log train'.
Portrait of African-American student Mary V. Wills-Livingstone.
Cement sidewalks under construction.
Armory Building and Mechanical Hall bordered the old athletic field.
'Little Vera Ely who died at 3-years-old. Mrs. W. E. Ely 600 Julian St. Parkersburg'
Taken from Haymond Highway Entrance looking south toward Nutter Fort, W. Va..
'Charley and Iva Burke Summers in buggy; Sarah Raice, mother of John Wesley Summers wife; John Wesley Summers; Nola Huffman, wife of John Huffman; Phoebe May; John Huffman; Clara Raice, a sister of John Wesley Summers wife; Ira Summers; Fannie Summers; Ernie Simpson; Florence Shahm Nose; Andy Hardsaw; Sadie Pierce; front row: Noren Raice; Harlow Runner; Wade Huffman; J. L. Huffman; Florence Shahm Nose - daughter; Artemis Pierce - on back of horse; Effy Huffman - on horse'
Group portrait of boys.  Boy in back row on right is holding a football.