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Crowds gather outside mine buildings after an explosion.
Group portrait of miners with families at the anniversary picnic at Clark Coal and Coke Eagle Mine.
Marion Shovel Model 28 at work.
The front of the G.L. Jolliffe Store on Main Street in Grafton, West Virginia.
Various buildings and trucks of the Standard Oil Company in Grafton, West Virginia.
Oil well with building around it.
A sales employee is standing outside the Archdeacon and Murry Store on Latrobe Street in Grafton, West Virginia.
The front of Morgan's Plumbing on Latrobe Street in Grafton, West Virginia.
'1. Unknown, 2. Ellen Belle Berger, 3. Oscar Schupbach, 4. Harriett Mullett, 5. Ruth Mullett, 6. James Schupbach, 7. Forrest Howell, 8. George Mullett, 9. Howard Howell, 10. Carrie Potts, 11. Virgil Walker, 12. Freda Walker, 13. Elizabeth Postlethwait, 14. Hazel Potts, 15. Mary Louise Mullett, 16. Sheldon Pyles, 17. John Potts, 18. Lloyd Walker, 19. Stella Potts, 20. Joe Berger, 21. Glen Schupbach, 22. Teacher - Miss Georgia Litman, 23. Glen Mullett.'
Parkersburg High School without wings.  Football field is next to the school.
The West Virginia University Stadium under construction looking up Falling Run Road.
A view of the Seneca addition and Morgantown eastside brick yard at the lower right.
'George Washington loved to vacation in Berkeley Springs because of its naturally warm springs, which gave the town its original name of Bath.  The three principal springs and the bathhouses built around them today are part of Berkeley Springs State Park.'
Close-up view of Woodburn Hall, West Virginia University.
Group portrait of the graduating class in cap and gown.
X-1 992 locomotive engine on N&W Railway at Bluefield, W. Va.  The engine is built by Schenectady in May 1910 (no. 47174).
4-H members pose around an automobile: J. Burton, C. Shaffer and Adele B. are in photo.
'Evander Dillon Ball, R-Wirt Co. State Legislature.'
Three children of varying ages are playing in a yard surrounded by a picket fence.
State police motor cycles parked in front of the Folk's Variety Store on Rt. 50.  The store is located near a bridge over the Simpson Creek; the building still remains in 2008.
Rejetos Jichancas formed in 1908. It's origins are unclear, but membership was highly prized. The group did not appear in WVU yearbooks after 1928.
Behind the plane, the town of Westover can be seen, as a crowd gathers on the Morgantown river bank.
Sunday School Picnic,Front row, the child turning back Josephine Kelly. Beside her is Howard Kelly and next to him is Eugene Lewis. In the second row, the girl with the coat open is Rose Ellen Lewis. Next to her is Florence Lewis Godfrey, then Mildred Kelly. Toward the Center, tall lady with the black hat is Damaris Lewis. Beside her, the short lady with a black necktie is Lizzette S. Lewis. Beside her is the class teacher,Mrs. Vandervort.
Boys' making souvenirs from pieces of scrap wood.
4-H boys help develop a roadside market along the "new hard surface roads."
Boys are setting up their own radio at camp.
Girls learned the lost art of home weaving on domestic looms.
Girls learned the lost art of home weaving on domestic looms.
The girls were taught to use the electric sewing machines.
"Better Bread" is the object in the minds of the busy girls pictured. At Jackson's Mill they were taught by experts just how it should be made.
Agnes Shirley's Willow Basketry class.
Two campers help keep the grounds clean.
The grassy slopes facing the tennis courts form a natural amphitheater.
Each morning campers took a swim in this pool before breakfast.  The pool was completed in summer 1925.
Repairs on the old mill.
Before repairs on the mill.
Picture of the pioneers who blazed the project trail gazing into the fire.
Pictured: Fred S. Hathaway, Hilah Smith, Gertrude Smith, Virginia Hathaway, Frederick Hathaway (wearing cap), and Otis Smith
"Ram" Harford & "Moody" Burdette pictured in the water.
Donald Brightwell pictured on the steps of the train. Mr. McClean is in the window. Standing on the ground beside the train is A. F. Pete Sentz and Fred Worles.
Pete Sentz pictured on the pole located near the wash pit.
Wilson pictured sitting at a desk writing.
Students pose with cows for a portrait.
Students pose with cows at the Dairy Farm for a portrait on Easter Sunday.
View of Oglebay Hall from Martin Hall during the summer.
View of Oglebay Hall from Quadrangle (Woodburn Circle) during the summer.
Also pictured are teachers Mrs. Jeaness Hallem and Miss Inez Criss.
George Yoho was a member of the West Virginia state senate from 1923-26.
Text on the back reads, "Ready to go aboard the Sikorsky 'Sky Pullman' Yorktown on a sight-seeing flight over New York City. Misses Jean Roy, Noel Pridgeon and Katherine McCoy with a World reporter "top off" the summer session at Columbia in a modern manner." C. B. Allen is pictured with the students.
Men aboard Baltimore and Ohio Railroad car labeled "West Virginia Soil Improvement Special."