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Forrested area with building in the background.
Crowds gather around the smoking buildings after an explosion at the Eccles mine.
During Unionization of Coal Company workers, miners' families were evicted from Company owned houses.  The Union supplied building material and land and the miners plus others constructed temporary barracks until the labor trouble was settled. Beside the barracks, there was room for small garden plots and here they are shown working in them. See New York Times Sunday Sept. 5th Picture Section.
People watch as the corner stone is set at the present day West Virginia State Capitol Building.
Imperial Ice Cream Business on the corner of Beech Street and McGraw Avenue in Grafton, West Virginia.
Man stands on runningboards of a truck that is being loaded with dirt.
View of the Hazel Atlas Glass Company from across the river at Grafton, W. Va.
A Candy Shop is located in the Cohen Building on Main Street in Grafton, West Virginia.
Man stands behind a custom built Studebaker, the First Grand Capital Prize Given by the Grafton Sentinel during a circulation drive.
Custom built Studebaker, Oakland Landau Sedan, and a Chandler Standard Sedan, three automobiles given as prizes by the Grafton Sentinel Publishing Company during a circulation drive.
Exterior view of the Liberty Cafe and White Rose Cash Grocery Store in the Cohen Building in Grafton, W. Va.
Fletcher Henderson Stompers pose with their instruments on stage.
Group portrait of members of Morgan's Orchestra holding their instruments.
Morgan's Orchestra plays their instruments under the direction of a conductor.
People seated around an elaborate dinner table.
Car decorated with W.R. Loar and Son signs on it, as well as advertisements for Kodak film, perhaps for a parade.  Grafton, W. Va.
Interior of Caboose showing beds and seating area on the B&O railroad in Grafton, W. Va.  Sign in car reads 'Spitting on the Floor Prohibited.'
Two African Americans on a float in the parade.
Men in a float re-enact George Washington crossing the Delaware for the large crowds lining High Street.
Members of University High School march down the street during the Sesquicentennial Parade in Morgantown, W. Va.
On display during the Sesquicentennial.
'B and O R. R. Station.  First B and O train.'
The unveiling of Bronze Memorial in front of Hotel Morgan.
Passengers are waiting outside the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot Station in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A view of High Street taken from the corner of High Street and Pleasant Street.
The Elite Imperial Guard 'Ku Klux Klan' at a Morgantown meeting.
Mount Vernon Dining Hall at Jackson's Mill State 4-H Camp in the background.
'Taken at White Teachers' Dining Hall, Bishop.'
A photograph of people standing outside a long row of tents at a campground. Print number 1066.
Cars lined up for a Ku Klux Klan meeting with Morgantown homes in the background.
'Nancy Sandowski- rank and file leader of Striking Textile Workers'
'One of the five relief kitchens est. by the strikers relief committee in conjunction with local community groups during textile workers strike.'
'Martin Winkler, Garfield N.J.'
' Far L- John (Jack) Nanz, Far R- Betty Nanz, Woman holding child: Mary H. Coleman Donahue, child Mary Dorothy Blume, child 3rd from R-Ruth Nanz,and woman with face scratched out Agnes Coleman Nanz.'
Looking S.E. of Corner - Moore & Garret Streets. (Lepera Property)
Looking S.W. - Garrett Street - Lepera Property and B.&O. Lot To Hennen Property.
Looking S. W. - Garrett Street - Same as 2 with corner of B.&O.Depot Added.
Looking S.W. Garrett Street to University Avenue & Foundry Street - Showing frontage of Hennen and B.&O. Properties on Garrett Street.
Looking N.E. - Garrett Street to Moore Street - Showing frontage of part of Hennen property - B.&O. lot and Lepera property
Looking N.W. - University Avenue and Garrett Street - Showing B.&O. and Hennen properties.
Looking N.W. on University Avenue - Showing frontage of Hennen property and B.&O. lot to Lepera property.
Looking N.W. on University Avenue to corner of same and Moore Street - Showing frontage of Lepera property
Looking N.W. across Monongahela River to M.R. Depot - West Side
Looking N.E. to "Sunny Side" - Stadium and University buildings from Monongahela River.
Looking S. W. from Monongahela River Bridge to B.&O. Depot and Hotel Morgan.
Looking East from West side of Monongahela River (Coal Tipple) Showing B. and O. Depot and Hotel Morgan.
Looking N.E. of Monongahela River Bridge connecting B.&O. and M.R. Depots - Also West Virginia University Buildings
Looking N.E. to Morgantown Country Club - Showing M.R. Depot, Mountaineer Stadium and "Sunny Side."
Looking S.W. to Lock No. 10 - Up Monongahela River from Bridge.
Copenhagen - Spring of 1926
An old wooden house with chimney.
Print portrait of a young Max Mathers.
Standing L to R: Coach John Edwards, Lenvil Newsome, Alfred Jones, Ernest Baxter, Stanely Marshall, Lesley Newsome, Unidentified, Unidentified and Alfred Cole. Sitting L to R: William Holland, John Parker, and James Denmark. On the ground: Unidentified and Oliver Mosby. Information on p. 115 in "Our Monongalia" by Connie Park Rice. Information with the photograph includes "Courtesy of Charlene Marshall."
From left to right, Thomas G. Keenan, William L. Park, and Waitman Willey Keener.
To the left is Vance & Pisegna Billiard Parlor. Next to it appears to be an employment office building, advertising for wanted miners.
Print number 621a. Left to right: Thomas G. Keenan, William L. Park, Waitman Willey Keener.
Pictured (from left to right) is Joe Allen, Ray Davis, Nute Baily, and Frank Deeds.
Print number 1085.
Possibly West Virginia Day. Print number 1083.
Print number 1082. Possibly West Virginia Day.
Print number 1084.
Print number 1080. Sign along back fence reads "Spirit of Progress. Schools of Today."
Print number 1269.
Students working in "Hort. 6 lab. class" at the WVU Dairy Farm
Children dressed as pilgrims and Native Americans are likely dressed for a Thanksgiving play.