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A three story brick building, the original office of the Hope Gas Company in Clarksburg, W. Va.
Small Gas Station with two cars present. 'Will Wrun [sic] and Chas Gigley by the auto.'
The front of City Hall in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Rooms exposed after walls collapse due to high wind in a building along Dunkard Avenue in Westover, near Morgantown, W. Va.
A house with windows blown out by heavy winds.
Collapsed building and debris.
Damage done to the majority of houses on the hillside. The house center right is tilted sideways.
House with windows blown out from high winds.
Debris and leaning homes from wind damage.
House blown over by tornado.
Builing knocked over by tornado winds.
Houses and cars damaged by tornado.  Much debris in the yard below the home with its roof blown off.
Birds lit on a house knocked over by the tornado.
House or building completely destroyed by the tornado.
Building leveled by the tornado.
Building knocked over by tornado winds.
Mrs. Johnston's house after the tornado. Piles of wood and brick all over.
International Order of the Odd Fellows Buses in front of the Monongahela Building on High Street.
An area damaged by a windstorm. The roof of the house in the center has been torn apart, and in the front, a car is flipped upside down.
An area damaged by a windstorm. The roof of the house in the center has been torn apart, and in the front, a car is flipped upside down.
Children standing on the debris from a windstorm.
Photograph in Florida, W. Va.
A group photo of Isaac Ballard and his family, and the fish they caught in Florida. Left to Right: 'Jorine, Catherine, Dad, George, Mac, Mrs. Brown, Davy.'
A group photo of Isaac Ballard and his family, and the fish they caught in Florida. Left to Right: 'Ma, Pop, Catherine, Jorine, Davy, Mac, Mrs. Brown.'
Onego School-1929.  Back Row:  Hurl Butcher (teacher), Helen Butcher, June Kisamore, Ruth Turner, Mae Huffman, Evelyn Huffman, Mabel Huffman, Kate Raines, Molly Harman (teacher).  Middle Row:  Bob Turner, Forrest Butcher, Worth Butcher.  Front Row:  Stern Butcher, Troxel Raines, Kermit Butcher, Granville Cunningham, Elvin Huffman, John Huffman, Rose Huffman, Catherine Harper, Rosalie Harper, Mabel Harper, Chester Butcher.
A group portrait of the team that played the old Chesapeake and Ohio during a 1929 reunion.
Huge crowd in front of Field House, later named Stansbury Hall, for the inauguration of President Turner.
Students sitting at desks and tables using typewriters.
Two men sit at desk in back of room filled with desks and covered typewriters.
Class of 1931
'Faculty and alumni of WVU marching to the new Field House where the inaugural ceremonies took place. Left, Dr. Frank Butler Trotter, who retired as president after 10 years service.'
'The Hatfields bury Devil Anse's wife. Note the line of cars on the recently built road.'
'Born 1908; married Ronald Murgatroyd; (daughter of Nell G. Ward and Charles Ramsden'
'Left to right, seated: Maj. Gen. Charles McKinley Saltzman, newly appointed member of the Federal Radio Commission representing the fourth zone; Judge Eugene O. Sykes, representing the third zone; Judge Ira. E. Robinson, chairman, representing the second zone; Harold A. Lafount, representing the fifth zone and William D. L. Starbuck, newly appointed, representing the first zone. Standing, Carl H. Butman, secretary of the commission and Bethuel Webster, general counsel to the Commission. The Federal Radio Commission composed of these men is now in special session considering radio legislation.'
A view of a truss bridge over the Ohio River at Bellaire, Oh; taken in Winter of 1929.
A view of the Ohio River; it is almost completely covered with ice.
A view of the Ohio River at Bellaire; in the midst of ice covered river a boat  partially under the water is visible.
Storer College class of 1929 in caps and gowns on law of campus. First Row: Finely-(?, Moore,-Edwards. Second Row: Coleman, Heath, Stevens, Johnson, Holland, Morris, Dixon, Bibby. Standing: Spencer, Harris, Brown, Daily, Johnson, Tall, Heath, Brooks, Brown, Wilson, Hill, Perry, Sims, Johnson, Pierce, Carroll, Thomas, Washington, Pres. McDonald. Jackson.
Mrs. Kramer, mother of teacher Charlotte Kramer, Mildred Kelly, Harold Phillips, Martha Moon, Charlotte Kramer,teacher, Beulah Williams, Laudia Phillips, Mary Kelly, Betty Williams.
Post card print of an elevated view of the 4-H Camp at Jackson Mills. Roald Moyers sent the card to his sister, Theda in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Information on p. 134 in "Our Monongalia" by Connie Park Rice. Information with the photograph includes, "Courtesy of Kitty Hughes".
Portarit of a teenage girl wearing the fashion of the day.
The KKK saw a significant revival in West Virginia in the late 1910's and early 1920's. Klan publication showed reports from various places in West Virginia in 1924 from places such as Clarksburg, Parkersburg, Williamson, and McDowell County. After World War II, Klan membership dropped in West Virginia and since the mid 1970's there has been very limited Klan activity in the state.
Print number 255.
Print number 5. Francis H. Stadsvold, Coach; Joseph Moreland, Manager; Squad Members: James Black, Captain; Rudolph Hagberg; Lawrence Plaster; George Ratcliffe; Edward W. Fox; Marshall Glenn; Emory Lepera; Truehart Taylor; Louis Sturbois; George Sharp; Ralph M. Hartman. (Not in order with picture.)
Print number 8.
Print number 9.
Print number 12.
Print number 13.
Print number 14.
Print number 15.
Print number 104.
Print number 176b. (Coaching staff from left to right): Olikee, MacHenry, Rodgers (Head Coach), Mahan (Line Coach).
Cars are parked along James Street while people attend the local farmers market.
Cars crowd along the street to attend the farmers market.
Unidentified workers construct a turn table outside of the roundhouse building.
The turn table, 115 feet in length, was installed with a type twin spin-electric drive. The construction workers are unidentified.
Farmers and customers interact outside of Courthouse Square.
Portrait of the couple before they were married.
The walk way on the right is identified as leading to the Dun Glen Hotel. Wallace Bennett lived in the first house from 1918 to 1922, and the second house from 1925 to 1933.
Glenn prepares to catch a football during football practice.
A booth displays quilts, canned good, corn, produce, baked goods, sewn items, and woven baskets.
Carl B. Allen is in the first row, first on the right.
Back row left to right: W.H. Kendrick, Carol Green, Harry Rollyson, Clarence Wooter, Corty Davis, John Cole, Sam Niel, Ike Hormer, Charles Holbert.Front row left to right: Eleanor Biglow, Dorothy Archer, Gertrude Lemetol (?), Pauline Spangler, Kathleen Berthy, Eula Roberts, Virginia Burmer, Mrs. Fannie M. Kercheval.