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The first mining class being taught by U.G. Carter in Logan County, 1938.
First class in 1938, Logan County, Omar, W. Va. Employees of W. Va. Coal and Coke Co., Sydnor supt. Before becoming certified, miners must pass state examination. Shown here is a group taking the examination at the state capitol, which may certify them as Mine Foremen. U.G. Carter, instructor on the left in the back. Marvin Kesler, state mine examiner on right in back.
View of camp facilities and cars parked nearby.
Group portrait of anthracite organizers of the P.M.W.A.  'Org- Dist - 9 - Pa. - Shamokin, Pa.'  From left to right, Fisher, O'Gara, Director Donohue, Koble.
A group portrait of the First Consitutional Convention, PMWA District 5, Madisonville, KY.
Group portrait of the Arthurdale Band in 1938.
People fill the streets for the 100 Anniverary Celebration. 'Copyrighted 1955, All Rights Reserved By Harlow Warren, 320 North Kanawha St., Beckley, W. Va.'
Group photo of the Shepherd College Choir in robes. Only identified member is Melvin Tracy Snyder, top row, 6th from the left.
'Lee Monument Ball 1938 at the Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The Riley Dance.'
'White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Honorable H.G. Kump, Governor of  the State of West Virginia introduced by Dr. Francis Pendleton Gaines, President of Washington and Lee University, unveiled the bust of General Lee, which was modeled by Sculptor J.C. Motto of Cleveland, and Rome, at an impressive ceremony at the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, on Monday evening the 27th. The unveiling climaxed the Annual Children's Fancy Dress Ball, which took place in the Grand Ballroom. Sculptor Motto is standing beside the Bust.'
Participants and audience for the first annual Greenbrier Music Festival held on the North Lawn of the Greenbrier Hotel.
A view of the 5th Southern Appalachian Industrial Exhibit held in Mercer County, West Virginia. 'Notice: Permission is granted to reproduce this photograph only on condition that each reproduction shall hear the following credit line: Photograph by Norfolk and Western Railway.'
A scene from the 5th Southern Appalachian Industrial Exhibit in Mercer County.
'Miners, have you invented a gadget?'
'Miners, have you invented a gadget?'
Winning team of Lester Hamrick and Clyde Hamrick at chopping and sawing contest.
Group portrait of the 1938 West Virginia University Football Team. Standing first on left is Coach Glenn.
Class of 1938: 'Back row: Bruce Daniels, Hazel Brown, Mary Napper, Levi Allison, Vivian Rideoutt, Violet Green. Middle row: Cornelius Dawson, Harry J. McDonald, James Law, Herman Lytle, Pearl Abbott, Allen Anderson. Bottom row: Marion McClung, Margaret Wright, Prof. Saunder, Imogene Holley, Dr. McDonald, Dean McDonald, Mrs. Norma Moore, Charlotte Smith, Lillian Burns.
ROTC Band playing as companies march on the old athletic field.
Members of WVU ROTC Band pose for a group photo as winners of Old Clothes Parade on a hillside.  A few sponsors are present among cadets.  Most of the male cadets wear costumes improvised from kitchen items to musical instruments etc.
An assembly of R.O.T.C. cadets on a plaza (now Mountainlair Parking Area).  A row of cadets with different uniforms and sponsors are appeared to be receiving words.  In the background, Stewart Hall, Clark Hall and roofed stadium seats in where Mountainlair is located now are seen.
Four R.O.T.C. cadets participated in Old Clothes Parade pose with guns.
Cadets and sponsors pose for a photo shoot while onlookers watch the event from the embankment behind.
A cadet dressed in hula skirt for Old Clothes Parade poses with a R.O.T.C. flag in hand in Drill Field.
Cadets and sponsors dressed in costume; scores of onlookers watch the event from the embankment behind.
Cadet with two balloons.
Cadets and band members dressed in costume; a saxophone player without a shirt  turns to pose for a photo.
Two cadets in costume pose with a uniformed cadet.
Two men dressed as women also in the photograph.
A cadet hugs a sponsor dressed in costume next to a classic highwheel bicycle.
The units march in Drill Field for a ceremonial assembly.
A sponsor dressed in costume made from grain bag.
The cadets of company A sit on bleachers with officers for a group portrait near Oglebay Hall.
The cadets of company B sit on bleachers with officers for a group portrait in front of Oglebay Hall.
The cadets of company C sit on bleachers with officers for a group portrait near Oglebay Hall.
The cadets of company D sit on bleachers with officers for a group photo near Oglebay Hall.
The cadets of company E sit on bleachers with officers for a group portrait near Oglebay Hall.
The cadets of company G sit on bleachers with officers for a group portrait near Oglebay Hall.
The cadets of company H sit on bleachers with officers for a group photo near Oglebay Hall.
Two cadets with a gun on their shoulders sit in front of a pitched tent.
Cadets in costume for Old Clothes Day.
Cadets dressed for Old Clothes Day Parade gather in Drill Field
Cadets and sponsors assemble in Drill Field on Old Clothes Day; many dressed for an occasion.
Group of cadets pose for a camera on Old Clothes Day, while onlookers watch them.
A group photo from summer coaching school in 1938 taken in front of Wise Library.
On this location stood the first house built in Harpers Ferry. Here Harper lived first.
From left to right:  Vicker Null - Team Captain, Wayne Ashcraft, Noel Riley, Johny Haskins, John Wilford Miles, Frank Hardman Sr., Roy Marts.
Photo possibly of "George S. Wallace".
Bottom row, left to right: Parrish, Hawcock, Dr. Hoge, Dr. Wade; Bottom row, left to right: Otey (Pres.), Mr. Claugherty, Foland, Ensly, Cheney, Clagett, Shott and Hoge.
Unidentified samll boy concentrates on sawing the uneven end of a shingled.
Group photo of Storer College class of 1938 with Pres. McDonald in the middle.
The first annual Mason County Potato Festival began on August 1, 1938. It was created to encourage agriculture. This photo depicts the Potato Queen and her court. All persons are unidentified.
This is a photo of the Mason County Potato Festival Queen on her potato throne. The queen is surrounded by her court. The Potato Festival began August 1, 1938 to promote agriculture. All persons are unidentified.
Promotional image for the 1st Annual Buckwheat Festival in Preston County, West Virginia.
The Queen is 17 year old Louise Shaw of Kingwood. The King is not identified.
Inscribed on the back of the photo, "The good ship CLOTHESPIN at the 1938 maneuvers with Miss Jeanette Richards the Sweetheart and her Yoemanettes riding in the parade."
Finishing a float for the Spud and Splinter Parade in Richwood.
Inscribed on the back of the photograph, "Crowning of the 'Cherry River Navy's Sweetheart' - 1938 during the Spud & Splinter Festival, Richwood, Nicholas County".
Men stand around car while filling it up with gasoline at Lewis Service Station in Grafton, West Virginia.
Print number 254b.
Print number 505.
Print number 934c.
Rozelda with father, Oral Meador, holding instruments.
Looking at the entrance of the church building located in Forest Hill District outside of Hinton, W. Va.
An unidentified man stands beside new steam construction equipment.
A group of six men harvest potatoes outside of the sanitarium. Subjects unidentified.
W. T. "Bill" Gwinn (sitting) and Juddy Meadows (standing) take a smoke break by the truck.
Construction equipment and materials are scattered across the site. The construction began in order to enlarge the facility.
Pictured from left to right is Mr. Lilly, Mason Lilly, Fred Mize, and Charles Wood. The young men pose with their string instruments in front of an automobile.