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The group poses on the steps of the building. In the back row on the far left, Charles Lago is pictured. Other subjects unidentified.
Fall season of 1948 semi-pro football team at Hinton Old Field.Front row, pictured left to right, starting with No. 35 is John Ratliff; "Bud" Maddy (No. 50); "Tobe" Humphreys (No. 31); Jimmy Thompson (No. 49); Tom Clinebell; "Big Deal" Richmond (No. 45); Sweeney (No. 39); Fred Vass (No. 47); "Rob" Vass.Back row, left to right, is Bobby Jack Crush (No. 44); Maynard Bruce (No. 33); Big "Poodie" Phillips; "Flop" Osborne; Julian Fredeging (No. 35); and Charley Johnson.
Gwinn, a tackle for Hinton High School, is pictured on a field in front of the bleachers. From Hinton Daily News Collection.
Patrick dressed in his Bobcat football team uniform.
Persinger dressed in his uniform in front of the bleachers. The team mascot is the Bobcats.
Hellems pictured outside the bleachers in his Bobcat team uniform.
Shires, a football player for the Hinton High School Bobcats, pictured running with a football.
Woods pictured in his Bobcats team uniform in front of the bleachers.
Dick Gunnoe, left, and David Hess, right, pictured in their team uniforms in front of the bleachers.
David "Shadow" Willey, left, and Mule Bennett, right, pictured in front of the bleachers.
John Earl Lilly pictured in his work gear.
Pictured is Bob Gully, A. J. Poff, W. B. Tyree, Joe Allen, and Billy Joe Edwards.