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Picture of the Y.M.W. luncheon which took place at the Memorial Building in Kimball, McDowell County, Monday, March 27th, 1950 at 1 o'clock. The luncheon was free and the purpose of the meeting was to discuss plans for organizing Older Youth Groups. The age limits for YMW club membership was approximately 18 to 30. Married and unmarried young people are eligible. In every community there was a need for a program to bridge the gap between organized junior programs and the homemakers program and to include both men and women.
Exterior view of the tobacco barn constructed by Mr. A. C. Curry in Lincoln County. 'Narrow Ventilation doors which were opened in the front of the barn for this picture are located on all four sides of the barn. The barn is 50 feet wide, 60 feet long and 41 feet to the roof at the center of the barn.'
A close-up view of a rectifier at the Williams River Mine in Webster County, W. Va.  Gauley Mountain Coal Company, Ansted, W. Va.
A man is shoveling snow on the corner of Cleveland and Locust Avenue in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
The view from Madison Street looking toward Jefferson Street in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm in 1950.
Two men are shoveling snow in Fairmont, West Virginia after the big snow storm of 1950.
Cars are parked along Monroe Street in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
People are walking on Monroe and Adams Streets in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
'Taken by Roy T. Emerson 1950 for Trinity Women's Auxiliary Yaar Book' Letter enclosed reads: ' July 1, 1959   To Whom it May Concern: Enclosed please find snapshot of Trinity Episcopal Church taken in 1950. This picture was used on  yearbook of Trinity Women's Auxiliary. In the year 1950. Trintiy was sold to a Church group, dismantled and moved board by board to their Church property near B--? W. Va. This over the forth or fifth move for this Church building. Trinity Church was purchased by first Vestry from the Baptist Church, before this time the Episcopal services were being read in old Rogers' home. The church stood at top of High Street before street was paved. With a great deal of effort it was finally moved to spot where New Farmers and Merchants Bank is now going up; however during move a rain storm hit and Church got bogged down in mud and stood in the middle of High Street for several weeks before ground was solid enough to prepare another attmept. The church was moved later, as shown in Post picture to spot next to Masonic temple and the place where Trinity Parking lot is now. This is the tale as told to me by Brad Laidley for most accurate account contact him. Sincerely, Monica Emerson, New Timer?'
'Earl Whisner-flag, Ted Hilling-banner, James (Dobie) Poole (deceased), Odell Henry-Umbrella'.
Group portrait of homeroom 104 from the 1950 Morgantown High School yearbook.