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Marching band poses with several members wearing an American flag in their hair. Front row, L to R: 1. A. E. Sampson; 2. Unidentified; 3. Edd Maxwell; 4. Prof. Erwin; 5. Evert Shrewsberry; 6. J. G. Hutchinson; 7. Lawrence Spencer; 8. John Martin; 9. Walter Smith; 10. James H. McGinnis; 11. __ Mauck; 12. Lucien Davis; 13. E. O. Phlegan; 14. Charley Bailey; 15. ___ Frazier; 16. Edd Martin
Unidentified man looks through the cupboards in the galley of the "Humphrey" towboat.
In the driver's seat is Warren Cunningham, beside him is Bradford Cunningham, and in the backseat is Oather Cunningham and Homer Lovejoy.
'Back row, left panel: Fred Davis.'