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Miller, marked on the photo with an "x", swims with his friends in the river.
This image is part of the Thompson Family of Canaan Valley Collection. The Thompson family played a large role in the timber industry of Tucker County during the 1800s, and later prospered in the region as farmers, business owners, and prominent members of the Canaan Valley community.
A man stands outside his automobile which is parked outside the grand building.
Photographer, James Green sitting on the right, ("after the Panic of 1907"); Front row: to James Sr.'s right is Virginia, to the far left is James Green Jr., Back row: the 2nd woman left might be Edith Green (photographer's wife).
See original for correspondence.
See original for correspondence.
Published by C.F. Wheelock and Company. (From postcard collection legacy system--subject.)
Published by Industrial News Company. (From postcard collection legacy system--Non-WV.)
See original for correspondence. Published by I. and M. Ottenheimer. (From postcard collection legacy system--Non-WV.)