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View of houses in the town of Sprague, W. Va.  'Shows influence of yard and garden contests.'
Miners drill two or more holes into coal to place the explosive charges.
A group of Osage School children in the 1940s and teacher, Mrs. Richard Smith (left hand corner.) Osage School was located in Osage, West Virginia, Monongalia County.  Mrs. Smith may have been visiting the classroom as African-American teachers were employed by the segregated school at this time.For information on the Mountaineer Mining Mission see A&M 2491 (SC).
School children of the Osage School in the 1940s and their teacher. For information of the Mountaineer Mining Mission, see A&M 2491 (SC).L to R: Tommy Wells (deceased), Sammy Dobbs (lived in Jerome Park for ling time, shot to death), Wesley Morton, Jimmy Summervile, unidentified, "Snookie" Williams.Teacher most likely someone who came for a special mission, possibly Mountaineer Mining Mission.
'Mrs. Richard Smith is playing the piano for her students. She is the wife of Reverend Richard C. Smith, the Director of the Shack. For information on the Mountaineer Mining Mission, see A&M 2491 (SC).'
Four African-American students singing at Osage School. 'For more information on Mountaineer Mining Mission see A&M 2491 (S.C.)'L to R: John Boyd, unidentified, likely Tim Johnson's brother, and Tim Johnson
Visitors stand in a parking lot near parked cars at Arthurdale.  The Arthur mansion is visible in the background.
Two boys place bundles of grass or hay into a bushel basket.
A scene in front of the Strand Theater in the 1940's. Located on Market between 4th and 5th in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
Customers are waiting for the start of a movie in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
The front of Smoot Theater in Parkesburg, West Virginia.