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Olga Aegerter and another woman sitting on a porch swing while holding two babies.
Gottfried cleaning out his gun by a dead turkey while Marianne Aegerter is watching.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Gottfried, Olga, Walter, and another Aegerter working with a horse and rakes.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Group of people, some from the Aegerter family, standing with horses pulling a large bale. Helvetia, W. Va.
The Aegerter Family standing beside two horses pulling a large bale of hay.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Aegerter Home, front to rear: Olga Aegerter, unknown, Marianna Aegerter, Walter Aegerter, Gottfried Aegerter, unknown.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp and family (Benjamin Holtkamp, Nellie Schroth Aegerter) standing beside a car.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Making hay at the Aegerter's:  on the load, Nellie Schroth Aegerter, Louis Haslebacher, standing L-R Frieda Aegerter Stadler, unknown, Olga Aegerter Holtkamp, Lena Haslebacher Burky, Paul Aegerter,  unknown.  Children unknown.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Mrs. Aegerter standing on the left with Elizabeth Berger Dubach, seated in the center, who is mother of Elise Dubach Berky (Burki), standing on the right.
Holtkamp and Aegerter Family members in front of a car, Helvetia, W. Va.
'Olga, Lena, and Anna. 1912 Stadler family.'  Olga Aegerter married Benjamin Holtkamp, September 5, 1912 in Helvetia, W. Va.
Large group portrait of the Aegerter Family, possibly a wedding party.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Grace Holtkamp far left.
Group photo of the Aegerter Family.  Leaning on the tree:  Olga Aegerter Holtkamp.  Old Woman:  Marianna Aegerter.  Helvetia, W. Va.
'Kuenzler, Stadler, Aegerter/Dubach family members present.'
Group portrait of family and friends at Aegerter home in Helvetia, West Virginia.
Left to Right:  Arnold Stadler, unknown man, Frieda Stadler, children Herbert and Leo Stadler in front, Gottlieb Betler, George Stadler (hat and bow tie), unknown woman, children Bertha, Louise and Lydia Stadler in front, Barbara Stadler behind in bonnet, Mrs. Dubach, Emma Stadler Burky, Katherine Rohner Stadler, Lisetta Stadler Kuenzler, Marianne Dubach Aegerter, Ida Stadler Betler, Elise Dubach Burky, Norman Stadler being held by father Walter Stadler, Fred Burky, Geottfried Aegerter - taken by Walter Aegerter on the Stadler farm October 13, 1912 (Note:  Emma's husband John changed the name from Burky to Burkey when the family moved to Ohio; the name was originally Burki.)
'Kuenzler, Stadler, Aegerter and Debach family members.'
Having a drink at Aegerter's cabin. This small log structure was the Aegerter's first house on Hilltop before they built the large frame house.