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Street view of the park. A group of people are scattered across the lawn.
The square, to the left, is comprised of scattered trees and park benches. In the background is McCreery Hotel.
Claimed to weight 16,500 pounds, this cannon is an ancient piece of artillery donated by former Congressman Littlepage. The cannon was used during the Civil War in the southern states and was brought to Hinton from the state of Florida.
A group of unidentified men pose beside the newly acquired Civil War cannon. This ancient piece of artillery is claimed to weight 16,500 pounds and was used by the southern states. The cannon was transported from the state of Florida, specifically. Former Congressman Littlepage donated the item to the city.
A band of young musicians plays outside Summers Memorial Building. Subjects unidentified.
View from the audience, looking at a band comprised of young musicians outside Summers Memorial Building. Subjects unidentified.
A band comprised of young musicians play outside Summers Memorial Building.
Two men shake hands while standing behind a microphone. To the left a band comprised of young musicians is pictured. Subjects unidentified.
Timberlake is sitting in one of the fountain bowls. The leafless trees in the background suggest it is wintertime, which is likely why the fountain is not running.
Pictured on the site where the Hinton Post Office building erected ca. 1925, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Ballengee Street, the boys play a pick-up game as people observe from the sidewalk.Pictured from left to right: Cecil Hall; Oscar Quesenberry; Frank Pierce; Bill Gardner; Fred Brown; "Fatty" Gregg; Jim Russell; (Quarterback) John Parry; (Right Half) Morris Templeton; (Fullback) Dick Noel; and (Left Half) "Flip" Johnson.The three boys standing behind the positioned team are John Cobb; Ernest Graham; and Worth Wray.Bowling's Hardware store pictured in the background on the corner.
Johnson stands in front of the monument located right outside the courthouse.