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"Grafton: Junction of Baltimore [and] Ohio with Northwestern Virginia Railroad. 279 miles from Baltimore. The Road to Wheeling is seen in the foreground, while the Road to Parker-burg crosses the Tygart's Valley River by the new Iron Bridge. The Road Workshops and the new Hotel are seen in the forks."
View of Grafton, West Virginia.  Railroad tracks in foreground. There are bridges - one being demolished, businesses, and houses along the river.
A view homes and businesses in Grafton, West Virginia around 1890.
View of Grafton with river, roundhouse, and train tracks present.
Crowds of people in between a brick and wooden building. A band is visible in the bottom right corner of picture.
Homes and businesses in Grafton.  Roundhouse on bottom right.
View of a factory on the side of the Tygart Valley River.
Snow is on the ground at Grafton, W. Va.
Bridge crossing the river going into Grafton, W. Va.
Houses in the town of Grafton, W. Va.
View of Grafton, W. Va. showing railroad yards and various buildings.  Including pool room and saloon.
View of Grafton, W. Va. showing houses, buildings, and a bridge.
View of Grafton, W. Va. At the bottom of the hillside are Baltimore and Ohio railroad yards.
People fill the Main Street in Grafton, W. Va.
View of houses in Grafton, W. Va.
Houses at base of hillside.
View of houses at the base of a hillside in Grafton, W. Va.
Facility use to care for wounded and sick soldiers during the Civil War.
Three men perched on a hillside at right looking over into a valley.
Cars on a street in Grafton, W. Va.
Street and surrounding buildings in Grafton, W. Va.  Banner advertising Hussion for Senate.
View of the town of Grafton and one of the bridges crossing the river into the town.
Flags decorate Main Street in Grafton, W. Va.
Ladies pass behind a trolley car in Grafton, W. Va.
View of Grafton, W. Va.  Bridges are visible.
Street with many buildings in downtown Grafton, W. Va.
This church known as the "Mother Church of Mother's Day" and is where the Mother's Day holiday began when Mrs. Ann Reeves Jarvis began an effort to reunite family ties that had been broken during the Civil War. The day of reunification, first called "Mother's Friendship Day", was an organized event in which mother's of the community were brought together. Union and Confederate soldiers and their family members also participated, shaking each other's hands and rekindling friendship.Today, the holiday has grown to be internationally celebrated and recognized. This church currently holds an International Mother's Day shrine.