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In the front row, from left to right, is Terrence Moorefield, Fred Brown, and Boyd Brown.In the second row, from left to right, is Christian Hetzel, George Griffith, Clemmer Peck, Mrs. Carrie B. Mahon (teacher), Reese Capeller, and Stanely Butler.In the back row, from left to right, is William Moorefield, Cecil Hinton, Julian Fredeking, Roy Mann, Oswald Blackwilder, Leo Ross, and Fred Flanagan.
The jail served as the "lockup" for unruly citizens for many years after its construction in 1868. The old jail was located at the Avis Crossing on the location where the Richmond building now stands. The building was later converted into a store.
Hinton's first brick school.
Pictured is Earl Meador, Ray Meador, Clarence Knight, U. G. Ryall, O. J. Bowlry, Ollie Hoover, Mann, Ray, Henry Ryalls, Emmett Pack, and Charlie Bishop.
Railroad employees inspect the damage.
Dr. Hartigan was a Professor of Biology at WVU and open the first public hospital in Morgantown in ca.1899.
A cabinet card portrait of a young man in full military uniform, holding a weapon.
Portrait of Sarah Joanne Bonnfield Maxwell, wife of Rufus Maxwell, mother of Hu Maxwell and 11 others.
Portrait of Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Johnston.
Rufus Maxwell and his wife Sarah Bonnefield Maxwell sit outside by the front open door, others are not identified. Photo taken at the old Maxwell home.
Hu and Anne Humphrey Maxwell pose for a photo.
Bessie Maxwell,daughter of Wilson Maxwell.
Sarah June Maxwell, and sons Hu(sitting) Frank and Edwin.
Youngest sibling of the Maxwell family. Cabinet Card
cabinet card portrait of Thomas Edwin (Ned) Maxwell, brother of Hu Maxwell.
Father of Hu Maxwell. Cabinet Card.
Cabinet card portrait of Anna Maxwell, daughter of Hu Maxwell. Died at age 2, weeks after this photograph was taken.
Selby Frederick Maxwell, son of Hu Maxwell at 4 years old.
Cousin of Fannie Summers
Alexander Summers, Eda. A. Albert. Summers, daughters standing El May Balyard and Mandana Summers.
Born June 8,1821 and died Febuary 25, 1900. Daughter of Rev. Alexander and Mary Ann Summers.
Flota Maud Bomer (Huffman) was the child of Sarah E. Summers Wolfe and William Bomer. The portrait in the photograph is Elijah Summers died in the battle of Cross Keys during the Civil War from sunstroke.
Daughter of Joseph Summers of Preston County.
Information included with photograph, "Left to Right -Ira Summers, John A. Huffman, John A. Huffman was a brother of Francis Marion and Nelson N. Huffman." Others persons are not identified.
Born Sep. 11, 1880, died May 11, 1928.
Information on back of the photograph:"... Born May 21, 1827 and died on November 4, 1890. Son of Philip and Aletha Summers Hurffamn... Nimrod married Nancy Saer on Febuary 27, 1844. He recieved medals from two wars, the Mexican and the Civil War. He was the editor of the Morgantown Post."
Father of Blaine Huffman.
Mrs. Swisher is the daughter of Sam Kisner.
Daughter of Samuel R. Kisner
Wife of Walter Kisner.
Information included with the photograph, "Received from Cousin Hattie Henlsel 1928 (Staunton). She said it was taken of Mama while on a visit to Staunton before her marriage in 1880 or perhaps two or three years later."
Outdoor portrait of Willie Burke.
Polling is holding a bowler hat and a leather bag, possibly a doctor's bag.
Son of Robert Waugh Knapp.
Portrait of a smiling, elderly Governor Francis H. Pierpont holding an unidentified infant. Pierpont served as the Governor of the Restored Government of Virginia which was loyal to the Union during the Civil War. He is known as "The Father of West Virginia"
Young girl wearing a costume and holding a banner embossed with words, "Palace Grocery".
A cabinet card photograph of a couple waering the fashions of the day including hats.
Back of photo says: "By T.W. Arnett"
cabinet card image taken by noted artist, Thornton Barrette.
Fairfax was killed July 3, 1893, when he was thrown from his vehicle by a runaway horse. He was a college freshman at the time.
Bernard Carroll Alderson, dressed in his West Virginia University Cadet uniform. Born at Alderson, W. Va., 1970; A. B. 1889; A. M. 1896; Assistant in Ancient Languages, West Virginia University, 1890-1892; Professor of Latin and Greek, ibid, 1893-1895; graduate student and reader in Greek, University of Chicago, 1892-1893 and 1895-1896; teacher in city schools, Roswell, New Mexico, 1899-1900; principal of Alderson Academy 1901 to present time.
Midelburg in his West Virginia University cadet uniform.
Scene of houses bordering small plots of farm land located in Monongalia County.
Portrait of an unidentified West Virginia University Cadet in uniform.
Two unidentified students in their West Virginia University baseball team uniforms.
Portrait of an unidentified young child in Morgantown, W. Va.
Unidentified photographer poses with his wagon and horses. A camera portal can be seen in the box housing the camera which is mounted on the wagon.
Frank Stephens and his horse pose on a cobbled street in Morgantown, W. Va. Published by Monongahela River Photo Co.
Portrait of group picking raspberries on Mason's Berry Farm in Morgantown, W. Va. None of the subjects are identified.
The bridge crosses the Monongahela River into Morgantown, which can be seen in the background of this photo.
Possibly employees of the Acme Publishing Co. The building was located on High Street.
Caption included with the photograph, "At the Old Pump Station-- this crew of men is shown during construction of the old pump station on Cobun Creek. The man in suit and derby is Charles Miller. This building now houses Dinsmore Tire company. The picture was provided by Mrs. Jess Madigan of 416 Dorsey Avenue. The building was, and may still be, next to the City Water Plant on South University Avenue in Morgantown, W. Va. Reprinted in the 1963 Centennial Edition of the Morgantown Post."
Men constructing what appears to be a house.
A portrait of the World War I draftees from Monongalia County in Morgantown, W. Va.
A store clerk poses in the interior of a grocery shop.
Two unidentified men pose outside of a shop on High Street.
Two unidentified women and two unidentified men pose in the interior of a grocery shop.
A group of unidentified employees pose in the interior of a grocery shop.
Photo of the ice covered river.
Scene of the river coated by ice.
Photo of a wrecked steamboat in the frozen river.
Residence seen to the far left with Dorsey's Knob in the background.
View of the residence and grounds.
Photo of the frozen river under a bridge.
Photo of a bridge over the river connecting into town.
Photo of Dorsey's Knob from the partially frozen river.
Group photo of students and faculty of the school.
Group photo of delegates for the convention.
A group photo taken in front of the WVU building still under construction.
Group portrait of draftees.
Group portrait of registrants.
The two marked gentlemen, John Kiger and Brown Boughner, stand accompanied by unidentified persons in front of the largest printing house in the area.
A group of women sitting in a field. See original for full photo roster.
Photograph taken around the turn of the century. The man on the far right is identified as Daniel Sillinger. The others remain unidentified. Back of the photo reads, "One seems to hear the rattle of the rifles once again as in the days, Gods Daisies, were redeemed by the rain. The clamor of the Captiains, the 'Charge!' and the 'Retreat!', and think of love that listens for unreturning feet."
Group portrait of unidentified WVU cadets lined up on the athletic field. Houses on High street can be seen in the background.
Lulu Taylor wearing a fashionably hat of the day.
Photo with Lulu Taylor, sitting-right. The other persons remain unidentified. On the back of the photo is inscribed "I. G. Cale".
Owned by the state senator from Morgnatown, W. Va.
Possibly a draft horse or heavy horse bred usually for heavy work.
To the right is the house of Senator McDermott, which was later torn down to become what is now the parking lot of Hotel Morgan. To the left is the site of Hastings Funeral Home.
Photo of the construction site.
Photo of Howard Osberg inside the carriage.
Buda poses outside his business establishment. Note the 4 digit phone number on the sign
Group portrait taken in the woods running along the river. See original for photo roster.
Group portrait of Hilarity Club members at their outdoor base.
A family admires the picturesque view of the river from their horse-drawn carriage.
Photo looking down the river and into the distant mountains.