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Gottfried Aegerter home is covered with morning glories.
'Front Row - Walter Burky, Mrs. Dubach, Elise Dubach Burky, Fred Burky, Julia Burky; Back Row - Werner Burky, Fred Burky, Jr., Ernst Burky.'
'Elise Dubach Burky, Lisetta Stadler Kuenzler, Lena Dubach Kuenzler, Marianna Dubach Aegerter. Seated: Olga Aegerter Holtkamp, Grace Holtkamp, Benjamin Holtkamp.'
A man, possibly Benjamin Holtkamp, in a suit holds a baby in a long white dress.
'David Kuenzler Sr. and children: Standing - David, Otto, and Frieda.'
Portrait of William Kuenzler.
A man drives the wagon of lumber while two ladies sit on the pile with him.
Three men stand amongst the wreckage of a train and piles of logs.
Log is attached by chains to two horses.
The crew stands and sits next to a wooden building.
Two boys stand next to a baby sitting in a chair.
Children stand next to a Christmas tree.
Portrait of school group.
One older lady stands in the back row with children.
Group Portrait of Children Standing in Front of a W. Va. State Map
Back Row:  Rose Betler Haslebacher, Lena Haslebacher; Middle Row:  Hulda Dubach, unknown, Minnie Betler Malcomb, Arnold Betler, Alma Betler Burky, Erwin Burky, Werner Burky, unknown; Front Row:  George Betler?, unknown, unknown, Anna Karlen, Clara Karlen, George Schlueniger, Norman Betler, unknown, Bertha Stadler, unknown.
'Agnes, Irene, Mary, Bernadine.'
Wooden fence and house in background.
Information with the image included, "Virginia Burky: 3-4 row 2 R Elmer and Herman, #1 back row R Jim Betler? Nellie Been teacher middle back row, George Betler in front of Jim maybe, Alma Betler Burky third form teacher on left."
Children are inside a fenced area.  Very likely the children of Photographer U. C. Shock.
Two cousins who are standing near their Christmas tree with their presents.
Three men pose with a buck they have killed.
A young girl holding her doll is standing beside a dog.
Two mothers holding small children while sitting in a field.
A young child is standing on a chair in a room in a house in Helvetia, West Virginia.
The Burky sisters (Greitly, Mary, and Elizabeth) reading a German language newspaper, Helvetia, W. Va.
Woman sitting on a horse in a fenced in area by a forest.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Women standing with a chair, tree in the background.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Two women standing together in front of wallpapered background.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Woman standing alone in front of wallpapered background.
Dora Huber, Helvetia's sole African American woman standing behind a chair with potted plants.
Baby Charles R. Shock seated in front of tree.  Bess and Herbert Shock standing to left of the tree.  Alma and Cinderilla (born August 30, 1901 and died June 3, 1991) Shock standing on right side of tree.
Two children are fishing in a creek in Helvetia, West Virginia.
Two women standing in front of brush, Helvetia, W. Va.
Close up view of Julia Arnold, Helvetia, W. Va.
Young woman sitting on a chair with plants in the background, Helvetia, W. Va.
Burky brothers standing and Ben Holtkamp center.
Women sitting, house in the background, Helvetia, W. Va.
Three women sitting in forested area looking at postcard foldout book.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Two women standing in front of blossoming bush in Helvetia, W. Va.
Willie, Herman, Babette, and Merry Schneider are working in the garden.
Two women standing in front of a blossoming bush and looking at each other.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Four young women standing together under a tree, Helvetia, W. Va.
A young child holding an apple is sitting in a chair in a field.
Two women (L- Babette Kolar Schneider R- a friend) standing together for a studio portrait.
Three young women standing together under a tree, Helvetia, W. Va.
Two young women standing with a young horse in between them.  A young boy is standing in the background under a tree.  Helvetia, W. Va.