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Drawing of Waitman Barbe by Louise Hennen.
C. G. Barbe standing center with hand bag.
Waitman Barbe first row, center.
Waitman Barbe, second row.
Barb's four companions are not identified.
'Where he smiled.'
'1st row left to right: 1. Unknown, 2. Judge Johnson (Head of Law School), 3. Robert H. Armstrong, 4. A.R. Whitehill (chemistry). 2nd row: 1. Mr.D. M. Willis, 2. Harvey Hill, 3. St. George Tucker Brooke, 4. Dr. James W. Hartigan. 3rd row: 1. Russel L. Morris, 2. A. J. Hare, Registrar for years, 3. John L. Johnston, 4. Mr. 'Foxie' Stewart, 5. Thomas E. Hodges, 6. Mr. P. B. Reynolds. 4th row: 1. Russ Morris, 2. Professor Wm. Willey, 3. Mr. R. W. Douthat, 4. Waitman Barbe.'