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'181.D.(107); August 8, 1884, Friday 1-35 pm; Dinner on rocks. 2nd Negative'
Gen. no. 180, neg. by D, No. 106. Date August 8, 1884. Friday 1:30 P.M. Sunshine.
'28.W.(12); July 10, 1884, Thursday.'
A photograph of two young boys on the left with a river below. '137.W.(58); August 2, 1884, Saturday 6 pm.'
A region about Dunker Church from National Cemetery.  The photo was taken on August 5, Tuesday about 5:30pm.  D.87.I.C.
A view of Cumberland from the noon camp; the photo was taken about noon.  200.w.(85)
A view of Antietam, Bloody Lane looking south east from the first corner near, likely to be, the Cupp house.  99.D.I.C.
A view of Antietam from Benjamin's battery; the photo was taken about 12:45 p.m.  164 W (68).
Photo includes a information sheet that reads 'Taken from under the shed on the extreme right. The long logs are used as ways over in which to roll logs to the saw. At the flume which comes towards us on the right .We washed the dishes. We took our meals on the logs where the bucket is near the horses. Under the shed we spend the day writing journals and letters back home. On the pole are the harnesses covered with the poncho to keep them dry. It rained in torrents the first night we were there and in the midst the horses got scared. They were way off by a fence on the left(that is were, after Fan had been received from the mire hole in which I had fastened her).In the morning we changed them to the horse station of the picture, fastened to an old rig.'  80.D.(49) on back of the photo.
A small creek meanders through the photo.To the side is a man petting a horse. A buggy is parked by a sign that read 'Look Out for Locomotives.'  (80)D.I.C 138 appears on the back of the photo.
N.W view of Antietam National Cemetery from Hagerstown Pike.  (157 93 D.I.C) included on back.
Looking westward towards Fifteen Mile Creek, east of Cumberland, MD.  (194 W81) included on back.