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Engraving of Brig. Gen. Rosecrans, U.S.A.  Engraved for Rebellion Record.  New York, G.P. Putnam. Rosecrans commanded Union troops in western (West) Virginia in 1861 during the first land campaign of the Civil War
Engraving of Brig. Gen. James Shields from photo by Brady.
Engraving of Read Admiral S.H. Stringham, U.S.N. from photograph by Brady
Engraving of Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott.  Engraved for the Rebellion Record.  New York G.P. Putnam.
Engraving of Brig. General Louis Blenker from Photograph by Brady.
R. E. Lee, seated between two officers.
An engraving of Rear Admiral Andrew H. Foote, U.S.N. by J.C. Buttre. The original photograph was taken by Matthew Brady.
Portrait of Major General Thomas M. Harris of the 10th regiment, W. Va. Inf. Vols.  Born Harrisville, Va. (now W. Va) June 17, 1813.  During the period of the Civil War, he was breveted, Adjutant General Brigadier General and at last in 1866 Major General.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson found int he back of the Col. Edward Jackson Bible at Jackson's Mill in 1920.  Had been mounted on glass, which was badly cracked.  A copy of the Brady 'fake uniform' portrait.  Copied by J.B. Gissey, Weston.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson from an Ambrotype by Brady.  Also shown is a depiction of Stonewall Jackson being mortally wounded.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson as well as a depiction of him being mortally wounded made from an ambrotype from Matthew Brady.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson engraved by A.B. Walter from a photograph by Matthew Brady.