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'1900 - The life of Thoney Pietro has not always been that of a retired country gentleman; he has earned the right to retire by his own labors. He commenced his career as a common laborer, but he was never content with doing anything less than his best. A typical example of his physical strength and skill, as well as his desire to be the best at any job, occurred during September, 1900, when he was working as a bricklayer for the James McAfee and Company, of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, who were engaged in  a street paving project in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The speed and skill with which young Pietro handled the paving bricks attracted the attention of his superintendent, a Mr.Ross, supt.of the work,who became so enthused over the young Italian's prowess that he offered to bet $300.00 that Pietro could better the existing record for the number of bricks laid in a given time, The record was then held by an Irishman who had laid 806 square yards of brick in ten hours. Admirers of the Irishman quickly took the bet. So on a bright September morning in 1900, 0n 12th Avenue in Homestead, Pennsylvania, the contest was held. Eight hours and fifteen minuets later measurements disclosed that Pietro had established a new record and one which stands tot his day - he had laid single handed a section of street 30 feet in width and 350 feet long- an amazing total of 1166 square yards of brick, 58 bricks per sq.yd., totaling 67,628 bricks or an average of more than 136 bricks per minute all day.The fact that he did his work well is borne out by the attached photograph taken 46 years later of the same site, looking up 12th Avenue from Louise Street toward Andrew Street in the city of Homestead, Pennsylvania. The same bricks as he laid then are still in use.'
Virginia and Josephine with Thoney.
Work done in Williamson, W. Va. by Thoney Pietro.
Work done in Williamson, W. Va. by Thoney Pietro.
Man on horse (possibly Thoney Pietro) on edge of road under construction.  View overlooks railroad tracks and portion of town.