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View of the platform at the Field House during the ceremonies. Left to Right: A.C. Spurr, Senator Chapman Revercomb, Wm. G. Thompson, Rev. C.W. Snyder, President James B. Conant of Harvard, President Stewart, President Vannevar Bush of the Carnegie Institution, Raymond E. Salvati, C.T. Neff, Jr., K. Douglas Bowers, Mrs. George D. Hill and Dr. Thomas L. Harris.
'Foreground - Governor Cecil Underwood; Background (Left to Right) - Mrs. Cecil Underwood, (?), Senator Chapman Revercomb, (?), Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr., (?), (?), (?)'
'Left to Right - Unknown, Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr., Senator Chapman Revercomb, Governor Cecil Underwood' at President Eisenhower's speech at the Kanawha Airport.
'Left to Right - (Speaker's Table); two unknown men, George Clinton (Parkersburg), Governor Cecil Underwood, Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr., Robert B. McDougle (Parkersburg), Leonard Hall, Senator Chapman Revercomb, three unknown.
'West Virginia Cherry Blossom Princess - Miss Eleanor Cook of Holden (second from right), West Virginia's princess in the Cherry Blossom Festival, is greeted by Senator Chapman Revercomb (R-WVA) at his Washington office. Miss Cook is flanked by two of her West Virginia attendants, Mrs. Jacquelyne Blake (standing next to the Senator) and Miss Sandra Waggy of Charleston. Both Miss Waggy, who represented West Virginia in the Miss Universe Contest in 1954, and Mrs. Blake are secretaries in Revercomb's office. Miss Cook, daughter of Mrs. Henry H. Cook, Sr., of Holden, is employed as a receptionist for an insurance firm in Washington.; --From Gene Scott'
'Interstate Highway Hearings Get Under Way -- Senator Chapman Revercomb (R - WVA), seated extreme right, questions Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks, at head of table, as hearings got under way this week by the Senate Roads Subcommittee on progress of the Interstate Highway System. Department of Commerce officials present for the initial session (seated clockwise) are Louis Rothschild (back to camera), under secretary for transportation; Secretary Weeks; Bradley Nash, deputy under secretary for transportation; and Bertram D. Tallamy, federal highways administrator. Reporters covering the hearing are shown in background.'
A photograph of Senators Chapman Revercomb and John Hoblitzell, Jr. shaking hands with an unidentified woman.
'A photograph of Senator Revercomb (right) standing with others, including Estes Kefauver (second from left) and "Tennessee" Ernie Ford (second from right).'
From left to right: Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr., Senator Chapman Revercomb, Unknown, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and governor Cecil Underwood.