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A photostat copy of George Washington's letter for John Fairfax.
Postcard sketch of Washington Elm, Band Stand, and Swimming Pool in the State Park at Berkeley Springs, W.Va.  'Washington Elm, planted by Geo. Washington when laying out the town of Bath (Berkeley Springs) Girth at base 20 ft., of the American White Elm Family.  The Elm was cut down in 1945 from age, the 20 ft. base remains as a memorial.'
Elm tree planted by George Washington when he was laying out the Town of Bath.
Elm tree planted by George Washington in Berkeley Springs, W. Va.
"George Proclaims his day-- George Washington's birthday sale sponsored in Morgantown by the Down Action Council. Russell L. Long, well [known] local impersonator and entertainer, donned the garb of the Revolutionary period and paraded city streets telling everyone about the event."
"Charles Friend's Home--George Washington Stopped here Sept. 26, 1784 on his trip to determine a feasible passage between the Potomac and the Ohio for a canal or east portage between these rivers as a passage to the Western Territory."
(To read Monograph Number Five, "The Close of the Revolution" in the Mentor Reading Course, refer to the original.)
(to read a monograph number four "Commander in Chief of the American Army" in the Mentor Reading Course, refer to the original.)
'The marriage of George Washington and Martha Dandridge Custis is beautifully portrayed by Junius B. Stearns.  The known facts regarding the marriage have been adhered to, and likenesses faithfully depicted.  The two sisters of the bride, her children, and General Washington's sister Betty, afterward Mrs. Fielding Lewis, are easily recognizable.  The delicate colors and rich fabrics worn at that time are brought out in delightful detail.  The bride and groom are shown in the attire of the period, the bride in satin without a veil, as was customary with widows marrying a second time.  The lithograph from which this copy was made was executed in Paris in 1854 by Regnier, Imp., Lemercier, and is considered a remarkable reproduction of the original painting.  "The marriage of George Washington and Mrs.. Custis," which took place on January 6, 1759.
Residence of Colonel Evans, where the land commissioners met, one mile from Morgantown.  From a drawing by Miss Addie Ireland in 1900.  General Washington spent a night in this house in 1784.
Washington's office and bedroom on the Fairfax estate, Greenway Court in Clarke County, Va.
This photograph is of the unveiling of a boulder commemorating George Washington's visit to John Pierpont's home 148 years ago. In the photograph are the members of the Col. John Evans chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. All persons in the photo are unidentified.
The marker, which is decorated with an American flag, reads, "About one half mile above this point is the 'Great Crossings' of the Youghiogheny River, where George Washington crossed November 18th, 1753, when sent as envoy by Gov. Dinwiddie of Virginia to the French Commandant at Fort Le Boeuf.Washington, on his military expedition to the Ohio, encamped there with his forces, May 18th to 24th, 1754, and from that point explored the Youghiogheny.There, also, Major General Braddock, with his army, crossed June 24th, 1755, on his march against Fort Duquesne."