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Celebration of completion of a highway project.  The picture features a crowd and numerous parked automobiles in the vicinity of a highway through a rural area in north central West Virginia.
People gathered to see an automobile show at a fairground.
A vehicle on an unpaved road. The vehicle has a West Virginia license plate and is thought to belong to the Mathers/Barrick family.
A vehicle with chains on the tires to navigate an unpaved muddy road. It has a West Virginia license plate and is thought to have belonged to the Mathers/Barrick family.
Automobiles belonging to the army, forest service personnel, and corps engineers are parked along the dirt road. The insignia formation is pictured on the left.
An old-fashioned automobile makes its way down the steep, dirt path.
An old-fashioned automobile curbs the corner of the windy dirt road.
8 miles in 50 minutes to highest point in Cheat Mountains.
Freeland sits in the driver's seat of an automobile.
Automobiles line along the New River's shore line so their passengers may observe the view.
Automobiles line along the west side of the river so that their passengers can look out from the shore.
Two cars are seen splashing through the waters of the gradually submerged road.
A car is caught in the flood waters.
A truck makes its way through the road flooded by the  Greenbrier River. Two cars are also seen in the background attempting the same journey.
Flood waters from the Greenbrier River make driving difficult for the car pictured.
Steam powered machinery can be seen in the open area.
A group of men, dressed in overalls and working boots, stand on the back of the automobile. A man holding a child sits in the passenger seat with an associate driving. A woman is also pictured behind the car. Subjects unidentified.
Automobiles cover the lawn in front of the movie screen.
Keaton stands beside the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service automobile.Keaton was born June 13, 1913 and his father was L. B. Keaton, the former sheriff. G. E. Keaton married Elizabeth Kelly in 1935 and fathered two girls, Margaret and Elaine.
The unidentified man poses beside a car on top of the newly completed bridge over the mouth of the Bluestone River.
An unidentified woman sits in a car next to a pavilion filled with people in summer clothes and bathing suits.
Adkins pictured beside an automobile.
Three men sit outside the store in an old-fashioned automobile while others stand outside the shop. Subjects unidentified.
The unidentified family member stands in front of a muddy automobile while strumming the instrument.
A boy likely from the Shumate family stands in nearly knee-deep water beside a car.
An unidentified man stands beside the old automobile that reads, "Get it at Rose's."
Williams holds up the keys to a brand new Chevy station-wagon, which was bought for basketball coach Roy Williams and his family by the East Bank High School fans.Jerry West led the East Bank High School basketball team to its first ever West Virginia state championship title in 1956.
The older horse delivery method was replaced by this Ford automobile, driven by Mr. Thompson.
Men and women sit outside store entrances on benches and in parked automobiles. Subjects unidentified.
A man sits behind the wheel of a 1912 Buick model.
Three unidentified women pose beside a car parked in front of Thompson Drug Company.
Seymour Harper family in car, parked in front of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows home in Elkins, W. Va.
Identified are: "Mr. McHenry, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. McHenry, Muriel, Blake, Mrs. Laiad, Glen, Mrs. Campbell, Gladys C., Gladys J."