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Dining room with a set table.
A group of people sit outside the house.
Fireplace, rocking chair, and woman's portrait.
Possibly clearing land for a new home. 'This was a period of a fantastic boom in construction.'
'Believed to be converted Army barracks.'
A woman sits on the porch of the Old Stone House.
'? Chestnut Street Row Houses.'
'Now the WVU State Agricultural Farm.' Ladies sit on the porch of a brick home obscured by trees.
'From University Avenue.'
A man and a woman sit on the porch.
'Now M. P. Church.'
'Site of the Mineral Industries building.'
'Site now occupied by Main Street business block and theatre.'
A few people sit on the porch of the Molby home on Cornell Avenue.
Home of A. D. Hopkins.
Winter scene at the McDermott home.
'Near University Ave - Built by S. A. Posten.'
'Near the M and K Railroad Yards.'
'Constructing the Geo. C. Sturgiss home, corner of Kirk and High Streets, was located behind the present Post Office building.  Photo was taken by Mrs. Geo. C. Sturgiss.  Child in photo is probably Roberta Sturgiss.'
'John H. Hoffman building which stood on the site of the Garlow building.  This was used by the University as a school of music during the term of the Dean Rightson and Ellenburger.'
Located on the S. E. corner of Spruce and Pleasant Streets.
Built by W. E. Rumsey.
'N. W. corner of High and Kirk Streets.  Richard's Restaurant now occupies this  building.'
House was built by S. A. Posten.
'Built about 1790.  Fronting University Avenue.  Torn down in 1930.  Dricilla Morgan lived there many years.'
'The home of the late Prof. W. P. Willey on the south-west corner of Pleasant and Spruce Streets.  Prof. Willey for a number of years was the editor of the W. Va. Bar.  Many of his articles were written in this home.  The small residence to the left is the home of Miss Hattie Tennant.  These homes were built about 1885.'
Living room with chairs around the fire place.
'Behind home S. Side of Kirk St. on curve before entering Spruce St.'
'Clara Gould Barbe, 2nd from left, 2nd row.'
'Building that was torn down to build the Pleasant St. Parking Lot.'
Young girl seated on the steps.
Gibson's Studio Upstairs and G. T. Federer Meats on the ground level.  Built ca. 1790.'
Gibson's Studio Upstairs and G. T. Federer Meats on the ground level.  Built ca. 1790.'
Young girl across the street in front of the old McCleery home built c. 1790.  Gibson's studio upstairs.
Several teams of horses are involved in road work.
'W.H. Cook (One of I. C. White's Residences - See New Dominion 1903 Industrial Edition.)'
On S. E. Corner of Spruce and Pleasant Street.
'W. H. Cook (One of I . C. White's Residences - See New Dominion 1903 Industrial Edition.)'
'The Fam Evan's house on the South side of Willey east of Spruce.  Showing the Phi Kappa Psi house.  Now the Cap Hatfield property.'
'Main St. Building. W. Swisher's Theatre, 1906, now occupies the site.'
A christmas tree, Rocking Horse, Child's Sleigh, Doll House and other presents under the tree.
The porch has a hammock and some chairs on it.
Mailbox of the house next door says Frederick V. Crall, 31 Citadel Rd.
'Winter 1912-1913, Persons in photo from L. to R.; Geo. C. Sturgiss and daughters Marie and Roberta.  Home was located on corner of Kirk and High Streets behind the present Post Office Building.'
'Built by E. J. Evans's father, J. E. 'Evans' Harris in foreground.