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Standing from left to right is Clarence E.; B. Frank; Vernal S.; and William G. Front row from left to right is Walter S.; Ellery C.; and Atchless Murat Long.
Vida Plumley, standing, supervises Martha Buckland, Louise Lively, Juanita Hatcher, and Beulah Quisenberry.
House built in ca. 1875 by the C&O Railroad Company to house laborers working on the roundhouse. Located on Block C #11.
Williams was a circular saw filer at the lumber company starting in 1898.This image is part of the Thompson Family of Canaan Valley Collection. The Thompson family played a large role int he timber industry of Tucker County during the 1800s, and later prospered in the region as farmers, business owners, and prominent members of the Canaan Valley community.
A photograph of an unidentified group gathered outdoors.  Man near door of the building is wearing a smock that says "J. W. Walker Co. Hardware."
A group of unidentified men pose for a group photo. Some of the men hold hammers. Most of them are dressed in overalls.
A group of grocer employees pose inside the first ever Kroger inside of Hinton, located on 3rd Avenue. Later, this store turned into the Bowlings Dairy Bar. Subjects unidentified.
Employees pose inside the store located on Temple Street. Subject unidentified.
A group of workers pose outside the sawmill. Few men hold onto horses, others hold on to pieces of wood.
Employees pose inside the shop located on Temple Street.
The building is located in what is today the Alderson Shumate Building. Woman is Elizabeth Heatwell, who worked in this bakery. Subjects unidentified.
A group of unidentified workers pose by the mill and their freshly cut wood planks.