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View of Ward family home in Charleston. 'Our home from 1882 to 1913.'
View of the Willis Home, 'Belleflevin' in Coalburgh. Edith and Will Edwards sitting on steps.'
African-American man and woman stand outside of Booker T. Washington's house in Malden, W. Va.
Five unidentified  people on the porch of P. W. Atkinson's residence.
'From Ruth Thomas porch to their swimming pool. The little house is the dressing rooms.'
A photograph of a home in a heavily wooded area.
A photograph of an unidentified West Virginia farm with a main house in the center and three buildings surrounding the property. 'Please credit F.S.A; Farm Security Administration'
A photograph of a group of people gathered outside an unidentified barn and house.
A photograph from the street of two homes, with people sitting on stairs in front.