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Hillside with a town in the distance.
The town of Sistersville.  Oil derricks off in the distance.
Oil derricks on Mudlick Run in Shinnston, W.Va.
Large Building.
Oil derricks on Mudlick Run in Shinnston, W. Va.
Two horse drawn carts.  Oil tanks and derrick in the background.
Man and horses standing over near the trees.
Two Buildings and a tower enclosed in a fenced area.
Buildings and oil storage tanks.
Oil Derricks McCabe, Rolan, Gilbert, Roland, and Douglass No. 2 amongst homes at Cornwallis.
At least seven oil derricks in an oil field.
Team of horses and a wagon.
Barge carrying oil storage tanks.  Man standing in between the tanks.
Men standing on top of a row of oil tanks in Shinnston, W.Va.
Team of Six Horses Hauling an Oil Storage Tank to Oil Field No. 27
Shooter's wagon with his team of horses carrying nitroglycerin.
Shooter's wagon with his team of horses carrying nitroglycerin.
Shooter's wagon with his team of horses carrying nitroglycerin.
Three men changing bits on an oil well drilling rig.
Team of six horses pulling a wagon through mud. Oil derricks in the background.
Swabbing is the act of pulling fluid from the well bore through the use of wire rope and cup assembly. Swabbing equipment includes a swabbing assembly, lubricator with an oil saver, and shut-off valve on the well, also called a swabbing valve.
Men standing beside a halftrack carrying oil equipment
Oil derrick, storage tank, and other equipment.
Group of people watching a gusher.
A hoist mechanism for a shaft coal mine next to several buildings at a mine in an unknown location, likely in West Virginia.
Men stand atop oil tanks with derrick in the background.
"This is the first well drilled at Webster Springs several years ago. in drilling they found all the oil sands regular and of good thickness. And the well showed some oil. it was drilled by a local company which lost its nerve in making further tests." Published by Del Gillespie, Webster Springs, W.Va. (postcard collection legacy system--subjects.)
Oil derrick and adjoining oil company buildings.
Four derricks with their adjoining oil company buildings.
Five derricks and rigs.  Oil gushing from well in foreground.
Oil rig and derrick in the countryside.
Oil rig and derrick.
Oil rig derrick in winter.
Derrick, rig, and storage tank beside a train track.
Men standing on top of an oil tank
'It took skill to drive trucks.'
Oil gushes from well at Shinnston.
Two men forging a drill bit, one holding chain, one raising hammer.
Team of horses hauling pipes through the mud.
Team of eight horses pulling oil equipment up a muddy hill.
Team of six horses pulling pipes up a hill.
Station and storage tanks.
Man working with a piece of oil machinery.
Teams of horses hauling supplies by a derrick.
Team of horses pulling a large piece of equipment.
Row of oil engines.
'Mud was a great enemy.'
Drawing of three men working with oil equipment.
Sketch of two men holding a rope that is part of oil machinery.
Top photograph, men making bend in pipeline.  Bottom photograph, 'The Hope Navy' transporting oil tanks.
Line of horizontal engines.
Line of horizontal engines with big fly wheels.
Team of eight horses pulling a cart with oil equipment and crew.
Men inspect the ruins of the Bridgeport Station after a tornado.
Men standing at the bottom of a wooden derrick.  Keen Wolf.  Bull Bayou.
Row of horizontal engines at Jones Station.
Activities in the oil field near Shinnston, Adamsville area.  Horses, wagons, and man-power moved all the equipment to the drilling site.  Sistersville and Shinnston came into the oil boom about the same time.  E.K. Towles of Shinnston, W. Va.
Teams of horses hauling pipe through the mud.
Large amounts of oil shooting out of a derrick after being shot with nitroglycerin.
Men inspect the ruins of the Bridgeport Station after a tornado.
Wooden Oil Derrick

94. Dry Hole

A flowing oil well, showing the effect of an eighty-quart shot of nitro-glycerine.  Harrison County.
James Thompson, the Veteran Shooter, placing a twenty-quart nitro-glycerine shell.  Harrison County Oil Fields.