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Nurses show the first babies born in 1963, West Virginia's Centennial Year.
'Charleston, West Virginia--$100 ham and bacon will be served at the Pioneer Breakfast on Statehood Day, June 20th, at the Rose City Cafeteria on Lee Street in Charleston. The State of West Virginia will be 100 years old on June 20th and the Centennial Commission hopes all citizens sharing the same birth date will join in the festivities planned for the breakfast. A full course breakfast will be served from 7 til 9 a.m. and there will be entertainment and prizes for the guests. Committee in charge includes, reading left to right, Bob Phillips and Juanita McCollam, co-chairmen of the event; Adj. General Gene Hall Williams and Grover Waybright, Jr. Both Mrs. McCollam and Adj. General Williams celebrate their birthdays on June 20th. Reservations may be made, or tickets for $1.00 purchased, from the Centennial Commission, 1608 Kanawha Boulevard, E. Charleston, West Virginia.'
Reproduction of a postage stamp from the 1960s, from West Virginia.
Parade participants dressed in old fashioned clothing assemble in the street. A man holds a sign reading, "Employees." Subjects unidentified.
People dressed in old fashioned clothing are pulled down the street in a wagon by two horses. Signs on the cart read, "Health", "Home Improvement", and "Education." Subjects unidentified.
Four unidentified men wearing old-fashioned suits and full beards dance in the street while spectators watch from the sidewalks.
Parade participants dressed in old-fashioned clothing sit on top of a wagon. Attached is a sign that reads, "How Firm a Foundation." Behind the cart, a Boy Scout troop is pictured with an American flag. Subjects unidentified.
A young boy and girl pose in front of two older women in the middle of the street. They are dressed in old-fashioned attire to reflect the style of 1863. Spectators watch from the sidewalks. Subjects unidentified.
Pleasant Creek Methodist Church was organized in 1800 when Mr. land was donated land for the building.  The church was later rebuilt several times until the current structure was completed in 1903
Little Bethel Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1803.
Little Bethel Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1803.