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The church was organized prior to West Virginia becoming a state in 1821 in what was then known as Williamsport, Virginia.
The church was organized in 1818.
The chapel was built in what was then Williamsport, Virginia, twenty years before West Virginia became a state. The building served as a Methodist Protestant church until the Union of Methodist Churches in 1939. In 1947, the church and its grounds were sold to the Industrial School and was designated the school's institutional chapel.
This church known as the "Mother Church of Mother's Day" and is where the Mother's Day holiday began when Mrs. Ann Reeves Jarvis began an effort to reunite family ties that had been broken during the Civil War. The day of reunification, first called "Mother's Friendship Day", was an organized event in which mother's of the community were brought together. Union and Confederate soldiers and their family members also participated, shaking each other's hands and rekindling friendship.Today, the holiday has grown to be internationally celebrated and recognized. This church currently holds an International Mother's Day shrine.
The church was established in 1858.
The church was originally established as the Fetterman Methodist Episcopal Church in 1873 and is the "Mother of Methodism" in the area.
The church was organized in 1855 in what was then known as Fetterman, Virginia. During the church building's construction, services were held in the carpenter shop of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company in Grafton.
The church was established in the 1850's when Irish and German settlers came to the town of Grafton to build the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B. & O.).
The church was established in 1811 and the building served as a community "Meeting House" as well as a school.
The church was first called Booths Creek and later changed to Middleville.  It was organized in 1825.
The church was organized as a part of the Simpson Creek Church in the Bailey Settlement in a circuit of churches in 1837.  A log meeting house was built in 1940.  The present building was built in 1903. The name of the church changed to Bailey Memorial in 1939.
The Claysville community first started gathering when a church was built in 1802.  In 1857 the Union Baptist Church was built. It later rebuilt in 1887 after a fire.