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'Back Row, L-R all men: Reuben Smith, Bill Gould?, Ben Woodson, unknown, Arnold Metzener, Ben Fahrner, John Marti, Ernest Burky, Charlie Balli, Dan Fahrner? Second row, women standing: unknown mother and child, Della Vogel, Verena Metzener, Julia Burky. Seated: Mary Burky, Ruth Fahrner, Mary Metzener, Bertha Engler, Hulda Dubach, child unknown.'
Backwards print of image number 006899 - for list of names check description for image ID# 006899.
Little boy in the front is holding a large ball.
Two women with children on their laps in a field in Helvetia, West Virginia.
Dora Huber(left), sole African American resident in Helvetia, West Virginia, and two other woman and a child.
Two young gentlemen are posing with four ladies.
Portrait of people sitting outside in Helvetia, West Virginia.