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Group portrait of four boys kneeling in the grass, each holding a gun.
People sit on the ground outside of the Helvetia Church.
Front view of the Helvetia Church.
Front view of the Helvetia Church.
Olga Aegerter and another woman sitting on a porch swing while holding two babies.
Two story wood frame home on a snowy day.
Gottfried cleaning out his gun by a dead turkey while Marianne Aegerter is watching.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Paul Aegerter sitting with a rabbit on his lap and a gun in his hand.  A dog is sitting beside him.  Helvetia, W. Va.
A man holding deer antlers stands next to a woman.
Gottfried, Olga, Walter, and another Aegerter working with a horse and rakes.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Group of people, some from the Aegerter family, standing with horses pulling a large bale. Helvetia, W. Va.
Gottfried Aegerter using a horse drawn mower to cut hay.  Helvetia, W. Va.
The man smokes a pipe while the women crochets.
Written on back of photo: 'Attok, Willik and Jersey Citi.'
'3 Werner Alma.'<br />
Group portrait of the Star Band at Helvetia.
Group portrait of the Star Band at Helvetia, W. Va.
The Aegerter Family standing beside two horses pulling a large bale of hay.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Child, Grace Holtkamp (Herrstrom), pointing toward the sky.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Grace Holtkamp (Herrstrom) standing in the middle of flowers.  House in the background.  Helvetia, W. Va.
'Paul A. Aegerter'
'Where the Aegerter's went to school.'
View of several farms in Helvetia, W. Va.
Corn field with trees in the background at Helvetia, W. Va.
Blossoming trees in Helvetia, W.Va.
Blossoming tree over wood pile, Helvetia, W. Va.
Valley scene of a farmhouse and its fenced in area, Helvetia, W. Va.
Henrietta and Ernest Hofer and others working in the field.  A horse is standing beside the pile.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Group of people (men, women, and child) standing in a forest by a stream.  'Gottlieb A. was also a photographer.  Gottlieb Hofer, Amateur Photographer, Helvetia, W. Va.'
Catechism Class, Helvetia German Reformed Church,  Helvetia, W. Va.
Man and three children, Helvetia, W. Va.
Subjects identified: The Reverend Benjamin Holtkamp, far left; The Reverend Ernest Preuss, far right; Minnie Betler; Ida Marti; Della Vogel; William Daetwyler; Frank Huppertz; Hugo Schleuniger;.
Two young men standing by a chair.  'Paul A from one Fred Burky.'
Identified in the group:The Reverend Arthur Steinebrey;  Oscar Hamilton; Edward Metzener; Bertha Bornhauser; Frieda Lehmann; Martha Haldemann; Bertha Engler (standing left)
Close up shot of a young child, Helvetia, W. Va.
Gottfried Aegerter's first home in Helvetia, W. Va.  House surrounded by a picket fence.
Snowy view of Helvetia, W. Va.  Numbered spots:  1) church 2) Huber hotel 3) parsonage.
Organ, Communion Table, and Elevated Pulpit visible.  Photo taken some time before 1947.
Outside view of Helvetia Church in Helvetia, W. Va.
Herman, Babette Schneider and Children, Helen and Alvin. Helvetia, W. Va.
Large group at a wedding party in Helvetia, W. Va.
Group in front of Gottfried and Mary Burky's cabin on Turkeybone Mountain near Helvetia, W. Va.
Reverend Benjamin Holtkamp home, Mitawanga, Ohio, daughter Grace in the front yard.
Aegerter Home, front to rear: Olga Aegerter, unknown, Marianna Aegerter, Walter Aegerter, Gottfried Aegerter, unknown.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp and family (Benjamin Holtkamp, Nellie Schroth Aegerter) standing beside a car.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp, Benjamin Holtkamp, and a young girl standing in fenced in field area in Helvetia, W. Va.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp, Benjamin Holtkamp, and young girl standing in fenced in field area, Helvetia, W. Va.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp, Reverend Benjamin Holtkamp, and daughter, Grace, sitting down together, Helvetia, W. Va.
Making hay at the Aegerter's:  on the load, Nellie Schroth Aegerter, Louis Haslebacher, standing L-R Frieda Aegerter Stadler, unknown, Olga Aegerter Holtkamp, Lena Haslebacher Burky, Paul Aegerter,  unknown.  Children unknown.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Mrs. Aegerter standing on the left with Elizabeth Berger Dubach, seated in the center, who is mother of Elise Dubach Berky (Burki), standing on the right.
Olga Aegerter in back row.
Holtkamp and Aegerter Family members in front of a car, Helvetia, W. Va.
Nellie Schroth Aegerter and Daughter Mariam Aegerter (Doyle) at the Helvetia Aegerter home.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp's daughter, Grace, on horseback.  Helvetia, W. Va.
'Olga, Lena, and Anna. 1912 Stadler family.'  Olga Aegerter married Benjamin Holtkamp, September 5, 1912 in Helvetia, W. Va.
Large group portrait of the Aegerter Family, possibly a wedding party.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Grace Holtkamp far left.
Man playing the violin while the woman is holding the book of music, Helvetia, W. Va.
Group photo of the Aegerter Family.  Leaning on the tree:  Olga Aegerter Holtkamp.  Old Woman:  Marianna Aegerter.  Helvetia, W. Va.
A portrait of Otto Betler.
A group portrait of Otto and Annie Betler's family. Rear: Anna Hassig Betler, Henry Otto Betler, Otto Fredrich Betler, and Elsie Anna Frieda Betler. Front: unidentified, unidentified, and Lou Betler.
A portrait of Hugo Betler of Helvetia, West Virginia.
Minnie Betler is standing next to Arnold Betler.
'In the sleigh right to left, Elka Hassig, Ernest Hassig, and Herman Schneider.'
Elka Hassig is sitting near a flower garden while Ernest Hassig stands next to her.
An unidentified woman standing on a porch in Helvetia, West Virginia. The wooden two-story house is surrounded by trees.
Gottfried Aegerter's first home in West Virginia.  A wooden house stands behind a wooden picket fence, and is surrounded by lots of trees.
A gentleman is playing with his dog in a field in front of a church and a corn field.
Two young children, an older boy and a younger girl, are standing by a gate near a porch of a two-story wooden house, location unknown.
A pineapple and other round fruit are sitting on a table near a dresser and a phone in a home in Helvetia, West Virginia.
The front of a two-story wooden house possibly in Helvetia, West Virginia is shown in this photograph.
An elderly woman is standing in her front yard while an older gentleman is cutting the grass. Their two-story wooden house is on a small plot surrounded by a wooden picket fence.  Location of home or identification of individuals is unknown.
Three women, two children, and a gentleman are standing in front of a picket fence of a one-story wooden house in Helvetia, West Virginia.
Three people are standing on a front walk of a farm house in Helvetia, West Virginia. The house is surrounded by several other farm buildings.
A close-up view of a two-story wooden house most likely taken in Milwaukee, Wis.
A man is sitting in a rocking chair while a lady is holding a young child on the front porch of a two-story house thought to be in West Virginia.
Four young children and a lady are standing in front of a porch of a house in Helvetia, West Virginia.
Olga Aegerter and two other women pose for a portrait next to a water pump in Helvetia.
Olga Aegerter Holtkamp and baby place decorations on the Christmas tree.
Portrait of Freida Aegerter Stadler.
Portrait of Freida Aegerter Stadler at age 18.
Gottfried and Marianne Aegerter with their grandchildren standing next to a barrel.
The three ladies are in dresses posing for a portrait outside.