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Gen. no. 92, neg. by B, No. 57. Plate maker I.C., kind R.P. Lens maker Morrison, focal length 8 in. C, Stop 5 U.S. No. 121. Exposure time of 7.5. Date 1884, July 29.5.45 P.M. Weather, sun breaking through storm clouds. Place, about 2 miles down the valley from Strasburg. View, Looking back towards Strasburg and the battle field of Fisher's Hill, the region of which lies to the left of sharp peak. 'Interesting to me personally as the place where I broke the ground glass of my camera trying to get it over the tall rail fence, one slick which projects into the picture on the left.'
Gen. no. 98, neg. by W, No. 38.; Wednesday 11 A.M.; 19th Corp Campground from Crooks Camp.
Gen. no. 94, neg. by W, No. 36. Wednesday 8:45 A.M. Massamitten Mountains and Thoburn's Camp.
Gen. no. 91, neg. by W, No. 35. Tuesday 2:30 P.M. View over the bridge.
Gen. no. 82, neg. by W, No. 32. Monday 10 A.M. Ford in foreground deep. Dwight and two work men on bridge.
'193. D (114); August 11, 1884, Monday 10-15 am.'
Gen. no. 86, neg. by W, No. 34. Monday 3 P.M. Sheridan's right (from Gordon's position.)
Gen. no. 84, neg. by W, No. 33. Monday 12:30 P.M.
'191. D 113.; August 11, 1884, Monday 9:20 am.'
'W 79. B.; August 11, 1884, Monday 8:40 am.'
'189.D. (112); August 10, 1884, Sunday 4:15 pm.'
'224.W. (76); August 8, 1884, Monday 5:15 pm'