Summerlee Mine

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Craigo Collection
Summerlee Mine
This picture shows a days run of coal below Summerlee Tipple just before being moved by the railroad crews. Three cars of stove size, four cars of lump, four cars of egg and eleven cars of slack constitute the loading for the day.
Note how the cars are trimmed! What a neat appearance they present! Even the cars of slack are evenly loaded and trimmed. Careful inspection and frequent supervision accounts for results like the camera shows. Every attention is paid to the preparation and marketing of 'White Oak' coal. No detail is to small to receive our most careful attention. Conditions shown here prevail at all the White Oak Mines. Each and every car leaving a White Oak Mine is carefully inspected as loaded by an experienced and competent inspector; all impurities removed and the car fully loaded and properly trimmed just as you see them in this picture.
Tipples., Freight cars., Coal--Transportation., Coal Mines and Mining--Coal Transportation--Rail.
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New River Coal Company. Summerlee Mine.
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West Virginia History OnView